Aleran Manufacturer Rep Sales Order, Commission and Showroom Management Software


RepPAD ™ - Mobile Handheld Software

RepPAD is a powerful handheld sales system for use on an iPad. Created to increase client profits by providing sales representatives with timely information and provide them the tools necessary to efficiently and accurately create and transmit sales orders. 

  • Lookup Customer Information and Create New Customers

  • View Product List

  • Create New Sales Orders

  • Create Multiple Vendor Orders

  • Select from 6 Price Levels and Quantity Breaks per Vendor

  • Change Pricing Levels during Order

  • View Line Item Detail

  • View Manufacturer’s Inventory Detail

  • Much More!!!!


What if WiFi is unavailable or goes down during the show?

No problem. RepPad does not require an internet connection to write orders.

Is there a lot of equipment to purchase to take orders with the handhelds?

No. RepPAD was created to minimize the amount of equipment needed. It only requires a iPad, network printer, and wireless router. No servers or other computers are required at showrooms. 

What handhelds work with RepPAD?

IPad works with RepPAD

How do I add a new user to the RepPad?

The RepSUITE administrator can add, modify and deactivate users from the system. Once complete, have the reps resync their handhelds.


RepDESK ™ - Sales Order & Commission Management

RepDESK is a comprehensive, web-based sales agency management software that allows your sales reps to take and manage orders, and manage their own territories. It allows principals and other administrators the ability to manage territories, showrooms, collect and pay commissions, and manage their organization.


Can Reps access from their homes?

Yes. You can access Aleran as long as you have internet connection

Will Reps see all my customers and sales?

No. Users only see their customers and sales.

Do I know if the manufacturer received their order?

Yes. Aleran automatically tracks when the manufacturer receives the sales order. 

How many users can access the system at once?


We have reps in different states, how do they get setup?

Users can access Aleran from anywhere using modern internet browser with internet connection.