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4 Reasons Manufacturers, Sales Orgs and Retailers Need Publishop 

by aleran
02 March, 2021

Publishop is Aleran’s one stop shop for instantly transforming static PDF catalogs into fully functional e-commerce sites. These shoppable online catalogs create enormous value for manufacturers, sales orgs and retailers alike, allowing them to add an entirely new sales channel to their marketing mix in a matter of minutes.

Here are 4 reasons why you need to add Publishop to your sales toolkit:

  1. It drives conversions and sales
    We know catalogs are invaluable branding tools and they serve a vital purpose for sales and marketing teams as well. But today’s consumers want digital and remote shopping experiences that are intuitive, seamless and convenient. Publishop makes your catalogs shoppable and shareable across any desktop, Android or iOS device. When you create a shoppable catalog with Publishop, there’s no need to leave the browser to place an order. Customers can complete their purchase while remaining within the branded catalog environment, helping to drive both conversions and sales.
  2. It expands your reach
    In contrast to print catalogs which are typically distributed using a mailing list or at point-of-purchase, Publishop online catalogs can be effortlessly shared across digital channels, maximizing your reach potential and making your content discoverable, shareable, and shoppable. With catalog content optimized for SEO, you can also develop marketing strategies for driving traffic to your online catalog, from paid search to display campaigns, all with the goal of growing your customer base and reaching new audiences.
  3. It’s self-service
    Remote, digital transactions give customers a feeling of control over their shopping experiences, something they’ve become accustomed to in B2C e-commerce. We know today’s B2B buyers overwhelmingly prefer self-service, especially when it comes to researching and ordering. Publishop offers manufacturers, sales orgs and retailers yet another way to satisfy today’s demanding B2B buyers, with shopping experiences that are easy, streamlined, and transparent.
  4. It’s a time-saver
    Publishop helps you get down to the business of selling ASAP. Upload your PDF catalog and the Publishop Instant Configuration Portal will manually and effortlessly hotspot your PDF catalog for you. Within minutes you’ll have a flippable, clickable, shoppable website with full shopping cart functionality, secure payment processing, and order fulfillment — no tech expertise, costly integrations or IT resources required.


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