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Omnichannel Retail Trends in 2021
05 May, 2021
The market-shaping events of 2020 and 2021 have impacted B2C retail trends enormously, especially with the huge transition to online selling and buying. According to Nielsen, omnichannel shopping grew 50% in 2020. With consumers awash in digital technology (mobile phones, laptops, desktops, tablets, connected smart home devices, and wearables), there’s increasing demand and expectation for […]
The Amazon Dilemma for Sellers
21 April, 2021
From misusing data, to launching copycat products, to holding “monopoly power” over sellers — recent reports about Amazon are detailing the increasingly fraught relationship sellers are experiencing with the marketplace giant. Labeled “the gatekeeper of e-commerce,” with as much as 74% market share of online sales in the U.S., Amazon nevertheless appears to be generating […]
A Digital Future for Wholesale Distributors
14 April, 2021
2021 has been a turning point year for many wholesale distributors, as customer demand for streamlined digital commerce reaches new heights amidst the landscape changes driven by Covid-19 business and supply chain disruptions. As the wholesale distribution model experiences a transformational shift, distributors looking to remain ahead of the pack will need to take some […]
4 Technology Trends to Watch for SMBs
05 April, 2021
4 Technology Trends to Watch for SMBs Innovation is not just for the S&P 500. To stay competitive in 2021’s evolving global economy, SMBs must be willing to access and adopt new technologies, including tools, platforms, marketplaces and services. And for the SMBs who embrace these new technologies and the digitalization of their business processes, […]
Addressing Common E-Commerce Roadblocks for B2B Manufacturers
31 March, 2021
According to a recent survey of manufacturing businesses by DigitalCommerce360, COVID-19 has quickened the pace of e-commerce adoption for many B2B manufacturing businesses, with 98% of manufacturers reporting they have established or have a plan for establishing a digital commerce sales channel. However, 81% of those same manufacturers are also reporting challenges with their current […]
Creating B2B E-Commerce Experiences that are Intuitive, Customized and Effortless
16 March, 2021
Today’s demanding B2B buyers are looking for e-commerce interactions that mirror their experiences as B2C consumers, which means shopping experiences that feel intuitive, customized and effortless. However, personalizing for B2B e-commerce requires a very different approach than B2C personalization. What is Personalization? In the broadest sense, personalization is what we call the ability to provide […]
Streamline the B2B Buying Journey with OneMart
22 February, 2021
Make no mistake: today’s B2B buyers want all of their online shopping experiences to reflect the convenience and ease of a B2C transaction even when buying B2B. With customer experience a top priority for B2B decision makers, a recent McKinsey survey revealed that their three most common pet peeves included: a cumbersome ordering process (36%), […]
CEO Chat – Talking to Alex Sayyah
18 February, 2021
We checked in with Aleran CEO, Alex Sayyah, to hear a bit about his approach to management, what he sees as Aleran’s competitive edge, and how he’s been balancing work and home life over the last year. What do you think differentiates Aleran in the B2B and B2C SaaS space? “Since the beginning we’ve been […]
3 Tips for Navigating the Changing Distribution Landscape
10 February, 2021
From the impacts of digital transformation, to increasing competition, to a more demanding B2B customer, any wholesale distributor can tell you: the landscape is changing. Today, distributors face having to adjust some of their time-honored strategies to keep their businesses on a growth trajectory and avoid disruptive market forces. Here are a few tips for […]

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