Navigating A Way Forward for Sales Agencies and Representatives
22 June, 2020
The coronavirus pandemic has upended the way we live our lives, from minor inconveniences of not being able to see friends to major obstacles to businesses’ abilities to function. This has resulted in devastating impacts on the global supply chain and the service, tourism, retail, and manufacturing sectors. While sales agencies and sales representatives have […]
How Manufacturer Sales Representatives Can Find Growth in 2020
16 June, 2020
Water and oil. That is about how well unprecedented times go with the sales industry. Yet this is exactly the situation sales representatives may find themselves faced with in 2020. And what a long 10 years this year has been. 
How to Manage the Growing Need of Wholesale PPE Sales
15 June, 2020
A mere six months ago, words like hazardous and infectious were not commonplace. People were flying on planes without a second thought, masks were not yet considered a part of our everyday wardrobes, and there were only a handful of brands of hand sanitizer. You could even find toilet paper in stores easily. There’s no […]

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