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Introducing Publishop: Turn PDF Catalogs into Shoppable eCommerce Sites

by aleran
10 November, 2020

This week, Aleran adds another game-changing product to our ecosystem: Publishop.

Publishop allows you to upload a static PDF catalog or product list and transform it into a shoppable eCommerce site — in minutes.

Publishop is a fast and affordable way for manufacturers, vendors, sales representatives and resellers to create a secure and effective digital shopping experience for their customers, all while also boosting customer engagement and ROI.

Publishop Helps Boost Online Sales and ROI

  1. Brings back the beauty of catalog browsing

    Customers may not always know what they want. When you flip through a digital catalog you mimic the experience of browsing a physical catalog — discovering products and promotions you may not have been expecting, but with the added convenience of shopping online. Publishop’s easy to use interface allows users to swipe through pages, zoom in and out on products and descriptions, and easily search the catalog by product or key word.

  2. Eliminates manual hotspotting

    Publishop uses sophisticated A.I. to analyze your PDF catalog files and automatically associate items or SKUs within your product database to create a match or hotspot. This saves you the significant time and admin costs associated with manual hotspotting.

  3. Creates new ways to shop remotely

    Once you upload a PDF to Publishop it is almost instantly transformed into a clickable online store, complete with product detail pages, shopping cart functionality and integrated payment processing. Expand your reach to new customers, as Publishop is easily shareable across any device or online channel for online browsing and shopping.

With trade shows cancelled and wholesale showrooms shuttered, sales organizations are in dire need of innovative sales tools that can help their teams succeed with remote selling. Publishop is a powerful addition to the sales toolkit, helping you grow your business from wherever you are and however you sell.

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