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  • I have sales reps who need to take orders at places where they may not have an Internet connection. Does Aleran support this?
    Yes, our RepPad application which runs on iPads is the perfect solution for those environments.
  • How do I get the RepPad software?
    If you are a RepDesk subscriber, you can always download the latest version from www.aleran.com. We are working to place the application on the iTunes store as well.
  • What generation of iPad do I need to use the RepPad software?
    Aleran recommends that you use the most-current generation of iPad or up to two generations back. If you have questions about specific models, please contact our office.
  • How much memory does the iPad need to have to use RepPad?
    Any iPad which meets the recommendations in #3 should have sufficient memory to run the application.
  • You mentioned using a barcode scanner for high-speed order-writing with RepPad. How do I do that?
    Aleran recommends using the Socket Mobile S700 or S730 barcode scanner. Simply Bluetooth-pair the scanner to the iPad. The RepPad application now recognizes the scanner as an input device, and you can simply scan items to add them to an order. Many users find this faster and more reliable than manually typing in SKU numbers to add an item to the order.
  • What happens to the orders that I write in RepPad when I am not connected to the Internet?
    As soon as you have an Internet connection available, simply press the “Sync” button within the RepPad application, and all your newly-written orders will be uploaded to the RepDesk application and submitted to the manufacturers. If you remain connected, you will be able to see the order confirmations occur with each manufacturer. The Internet connection may be at home, at the office, or simply at a nearby coffee shop or library if you need to submit a new order quickly.
  • How long does the “Sync” synchronization take?
    Aleran’s experience is that the synchronization will occur within from 15 seconds to 2 minutes, dependent on the speed of your available Internet connection.
  • How do I decide which software to use – RepDesk or RepPad?
    While both services may be used anytime anywhere there is an Internet connection, only RepPad is able to operate in an offline environment. This makes RepPad ideal for conducting sales when away from an office – whether at a customer site, a product showroom, or a trade show/event. RepPad also supports high-speed ordering via barcode scanning, an important consideration for some customers/environments.

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