Aleran Manufacturer Rep Sales Order, Commission and Showroom Management Software


Can Users access Aleran from their homes?

 Yes. You can access Aleran as long as you have internet access.

Will other Users see all my customers and sales?

No. Users only see their own customers and sales. 

Do I know if the manufacturer received their order?

Yes. Aleran automatically tracks when the manufacturer receives the sales order. 

How many users can access the system at once?


We have users in different states, how do they get setup?

Users can access Aleran from anywhere using modern internet browser with internet connection. 



What if WiFi is unavailable or goes down during the show?

No problem. RepPad does not require an internet connection to write orders. 

Is there a lot of equipment to purchase to take orders with the handhelds?

iPad is enough. One may add a bar code scanner and other, as sophisticated as one seeks.