How to Launch a Successful B2B eCommerce Fast

by aleran
20 July, 2020

In the midst of the sales realm being completely turned on its head during COVID-19, digital sales and eCommerce have never been more important to the health and success of the manufacturers’ and vendors’ businesses.

However, in this fast-paced world of business when time is money and every minute matters, some will struggle with creating a digital sales environment. There are those who love the creative process of pairing the most engaging content with carefully crafted designs. Then there’s everyone else. It could take this second group of eager salespeople, entrepreneurs, and manufacturers hours just to brainstorm a concept, let alone execute on it.

The good news is technology has continued evolving to support the growing need for eCommerce options for growing b2b companies. There are ways around that lengthy creative process that can be accomplished efficiently without compromising factors like visual appeal and quality of processing.
Here are a few easy steps to follow to launch a successful B2B fast:

Keep it simple

Overthinking the process will do nothing but slow you down, so it’s crucial to utilize a tool that requires minimal setup and no technical expertise.
Look for options that provide clean, attractive customizable templates and styling, as well as hosting and platform support.

Put your customers first

It’s always important to remember that you are offering your customers a product, service and experience. Put yourselves in your customer’s shoes as you create your marketplace.

Ask yourself what five things you want your customers to see when they visit your company online. Consider what you like when you’re the one doing the online shopping. Then implement by using a platform that allows you to completely customize the way your customers view your merchandise.

Make the technology do the heavy lifting

After the web site is set up and customized, utilize its automaton and integration processes to save time and process orders more efficiently. In addition to using the software to manage products, orders, client registration and payment processing, put the site to work for you by integrating a clickable, easy to navigate catalogue.

Your business’s catalog is the heart of sales, not just merchandising – significant resources, time and intelligence go into the creation of this summation of your company’s offerings. Put that effort to work with a user-friendly point-and-click catalog that doesn’t remove them from the catalog itself.

Instead, enable your software to analyze your catalog file to automatically associate items/SKUs within your product database. This will ensure a smooth customer experience while also freeing administrative staff to do other functions.

The most important thing to remember when you’re looking to launch a successful B2B eCommerce site fast is that the set up, management, customization, and integration with other programs should be user-friendly and take that guesswork of the creative process out of the equation.

Find the right solutions

At Aleran, we offer solutions like those listed above to bring point-and-click shopping from your fingertips to your customer’s in minutes. Create an eCommerce site in minutes with our simple website builder, customize to your company’s unique needs, manage orders, and integrate with other programs with Marketplace.

Add Catalog Catalyst to your new site in mere minutes, putting Aleran’s high-speed analytics to work making your catalog interactive automatically.

At Aleran, we believe selling should be simple. Don’t get bogged down with the creative process – let technology take care of it so you can focus on what’s important: sales.

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