Are You Making These 5 Common E-Commerce Mistakes?
02 June, 2021
As any consumer can tell you, not all online stores are created equal. In today’s hypercompetitive digital commerce landscape, potential customers expect frictionless, self-service shopping experiences that feel intuitive and professional. B2B e-commerce shops that are complicated, outdated or confusing will send potential customers to spend their money elsewhere. Here are 5 common e-commerce mistakes […]
Why a SaaS Plus Headless E-Commerce Strategy Might Be Exactly What Your Business Needs
19 May, 2021
Choosing a new e-commerce platform for your sales business can be an overwhelming and exhausting process, leaving you to weigh everything from architecture to functionality to features and costs — all in search of the ideal fit for your business. Headless e-commerce platforms allow for a customized front-end or presentation layer that is totally separated, […]
The Amazon Dilemma for Sellers
21 April, 2021
From misusing data, to launching copycat products, to holding “monopoly power” over sellers — recent reports about Amazon are detailing the increasingly fraught relationship sellers are experiencing with the marketplace giant. Labeled “the gatekeeper of e-commerce,” with as much as 74% market share of online sales in the U.S., Amazon nevertheless appears to be generating […]
Addressing Common E-Commerce Roadblocks for B2B Manufacturers
31 March, 2021
According to a recent survey of manufacturing businesses by DigitalCommerce360, COVID-19 has quickened the pace of e-commerce adoption for many B2B manufacturing businesses, with 98% of manufacturers reporting they have established or have a plan for establishing a digital commerce sales channel. However, 81% of those same manufacturers are also reporting challenges with their current […]
Creating B2B E-Commerce Experiences that are Intuitive, Customized and Effortless
16 March, 2021
Today’s demanding B2B buyers are looking for e-commerce interactions that mirror their experiences as B2C consumers, which means shopping experiences that feel intuitive, customized and effortless. However, personalizing for B2B e-commerce requires a very different approach than B2C personalization. What is Personalization? In the broadest sense, personalization is what we call the ability to provide […]
Streamline the B2B Buying Journey with OneMart
22 February, 2021
Make no mistake: today’s B2B buyers want all of their online shopping experiences to reflect the convenience and ease of a B2C transaction even when buying B2B. With customer experience a top priority for B2B decision makers, a recent McKinsey survey revealed that their three most common pet peeves included: a cumbersome ordering process (36%), […]
Self-Service and B2B’s Digital Future
13 January, 2021
More than ever, the modern, digital-first B2B customer expects their B2B e-commerce experiences to mirror their experiences as consumers. That means speed, price transparency, personalization, seamless omnichannel experiences, and increasingly — self-service at checkout. This year, as more and more B2Bs come online to survive, self-service will become the rule, rather than the exception. How […]
2020: 6 Silver Linings From an Unpredictable Year
18 December, 2020
Most of us are understandably looking forward to a new year (and a new vibe), as 2020 draws to a close. But as we turn our collective focus to what 2021 might bring (hint: e-commerce is still poised for dominance, having crammed about 5 years worth of growth into 9 months), let’s pause for a […]
E-Commerce 2021: 4 Trends to Watch
10 December, 2020
When it comes to retail, 2020 was all about the seismic shift to e-commerce. The impact of Covid-19 closures and restrictions forced consumers to turn to online shopping to an unprecedented degree (essentially achieving the equivalent of 5 years of growth in 6 months). Retailers who were able to adapt to both the increased demand […]
Customer Spotlight: Talking with Brandi Luna, VP & Co-owner, J. Brandes Inc.
18 November, 2020
For the last 50+ years J. Brandes has been a leading wholesaler in the fashion, gift & home space, maintaining a growing showroom for retailers and vendors in the Dallas Market Center. We spoke with VP and co-owner, Brandi Luna, about how transitioning to the Aleran SaaS platform has changed their business for the better. […]