Move Your B2B Business Online

The Road to Digitization

If you’re a manufacturer or distributor still trying to run your sales business with legacy systems, limited automation, and no dedicated B2B eCommerce strategy, you’ll soon be outpaced in what’s become a digital footrace.

With B2B buyer demand for digital buying experiences at an all-time high, the manufacturing industry is shifting from its traditional reliance on partner-driven sales to make way for more digital self-service.

To attract and retain clients in this landscape, B2B brands know they need to move online, but they aren’t always sure where to begin. Aleran has proudly helped hundreds of companies and brands move their B2B businesses online.

Making B2B eCommerce the Center of Your Growth Strategy

Maximize Operational Efficiency

Remove data silos, connect sales and business operations, automate day-to-day functions like sales order entry, inventory management and quoting, and get seamless integration across your ERP, CRM, WMS and other business systems.

Scale Quickly and Easily

Add new selling channels, key accounts, channel partners, and integrate critical third-party technology to capture more revenues, expand your reach, and scale quickly without the need for a brick-and-mortar storefront or physical office.
Easily add new websites and shoppable catalogs and manage everything from a single location.

Supercharge Sales Revenues

Create convenient, self-service buyer experiences and personalized content to increase conversions and generate more revenue. Eliminate the need for costly print catalogs when you transform PDFs into interactive, shoppable digital catalogs in minutes.

Streamline quote-to-cash workflow

Speed time-to-revenue and build better customer relationships with self-service ordering, customer portals, automated pricing, streamlined RFQ processes, and rapid, cost-efficient implementations.

Making B2B eCommerce the Center of Your Growth Strategy


B2B eCommerce transactions must allow for personalized, self-service commerce experiences across all sales channels. In addition, content should be easily localized for language, currency, product availability and more.


Creating positive customer experiences is the heart of modern B2B eCommerce. Today, that means including the features and experiences customers value most: personalized self-service portals, and quick and intuitive ordering.


From syncing inventories to processing complex product transactions, high-volume B2B eCommerce benefits from the automation and streamlining of many time-intensive administrative tasks.


B2B eCommerce systems must be able to integrate business-critical functions through pre-built connectors and APIs for flexible, easy, cost-efficient customizations.

Unified Digital Commerce, Made for B2B

Aleran’s digital commerce platform has all the functionality, scalability and flexibility today’s B2B landscape requires.

Built for B2B
Aleran was designed and built to meet the needs of manufacturers, distributors, wholesalers, and other B2B businesses. With enterprise-capabilities and robust, native features the platform is easily configurable to meet the needs of B2B sellers right out of the box. In addition, seamless integrations and extensions to business-critical applications make the Aleran digital commerce platform simple to implement and use.
Tools for Personalization
Aleran offers customers personalized pricing, discounts, customer portals, shipping, purchase incentives and other native features to help drive repeat purchases, loyalty and satisfaction.
Multiple Websites
The Aleran platform allows you to quickly expand your digital presence to additional markets and industries and create secure, PCI-compliant, custom websites, personalized buying experiences and digital catalogs with minimal setup and management through a single interface.
Multiple Business Models
Increase visibility and sell B2B, B2C, B2B2C, or B2X and manage all your partners and channels through a single Aleran instance.
Native SOM and PIM
Aleran’s native, automated sales order management system includes self-service quoting, ordering, and a product upsell engine. In addition, product inventory management features allow you to review, manage and store product info, assets (images, videos, spec sheets) and pricing data in one place, keep track of product availability and determine which products you sell and to whom – by segment, channel, geography, customer and more.

Get True B2B Selling Power for Your Online Presence

Phase 1: Listening & Project Scope

During this phase, our experts take the time to understand your company’s unique business needs and suggest a go-forward strategy for streamlining operations. This process includes taking a detailed look at your technology stack and 3rd party applications to understand how Aleran can best unify your systems and partners.

Phase 2: Integration Architecture

During this phase, our experts take the time to understand your company’s unique business needs and suggest a go-forward strategy for streamlining operations. This process includes taking a detailed look at your technology stack and 3rd party applications to understand how Aleran can best unify your systems and partners.

Phase 3: Implementation & Onboarding

When you make the switch to Aleran, we do everything we can to make your migration as painless as possible, requiring minimal input from IT. When you migrate to Aleran: we transfer your historical data, we train your agency or team members, and we guarantee zero interruptions in technology. During this phase, you may review and test the environment and add or remove features prior to launch.

Phase 4: Launch & Support

Go live and start seeing results across all B2B sales channels, including direct sales, eCommerce and marketplaces in a fraction of the time it takes to implement other commerce platforms. Aleran provides ongoing support with its 24/7 customer care approach.

Aleran FAQ

1. How much does it cost?

Our flexible pricing and plans were designed to work for growing businesses. Contact us today to get an estimate.

2. How long does it take to go live?

Aleran prides itself on its speed to implementation, typically getting customers up and running in less than 90 days. Time-to-launch will be impacted by individual project scope and complexity. Contact us today to get a free time and cost estimate.

3. How do I estimate my ROI?

Estimate your revenue increases with our free ROI calculator.

4. How can creating a strong eCommerce presence benefit my B2B business?

A strong eCommerce presence is a necessity in today’s digital age, especially for B2B businesses looking to grow, remain competitive, and meet the evolving needs of their clients. Some of the benefits include:

  • Better market reach: find a broader audience and connect with potential customers wherever they are
  • Enhanced customer experience: digital, self-service tools enable a more streamlined and efficient B2B customer experience
  • Increased sales opportunities: capitalize on automated upselling and cross-selling through personalized recommendations and showcase a wider range of products or services 
  • New operational efficiencies: automate many aspects of the sales process, from order processing to inventory management and free up staff for more high-value tasks
  • Data-driven insights: access valuable data about customer behavior, preferences, and buying patterns to guide your marketing strategies, product development and business decisions
  • Improved customer relationships: maintain continuous engagement with your clients via promotional marketing efforts and personalized content
  • Competitive edge: differentiate your business from competitors who may not have as strong an online footprint 
  • Scalability: grow your business by adding new products, services, and enter new markets at a lower cost
  • Flexibility: update your offerings, adjust pricing on the fly, or launch marketing campaigns in reaction to industry trends or customer feedback

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