Aleran’s talented team is always working hard to find novel ways to leverage market-changing forces as we create new tools and buyer journeys for our customers.With an expanding team of creative and innovative thinkers, we are focused on increasing your revenues and driving sales growth.



Alex Sayyah brings over 20 years of experience leading eCommerce, digital innovation, and revenue teams for global B2B and B2C brands.

As a strategic, data-driven and growth-focused executive, Alex lives by the mantra: push harder. With proven success creating strategic roadmaps that drive market development and expansion, 

He has managed teams and revenue goals across the Americas, Europe, and Asia, and is exceptional at growing omni-channel marketing programs for online/offline businesses.

Alex has helped generate $130+ million dollars worth of digital revenue by correctly identifying the opportunity in direct download software industry trends, structuring a compelling suite of products for Consumers and Businesses, and building a marketing machine to capture the benefits.


VP of Product Marketing and Product Management

Tarak Patel leverages his 20 years of experience with product management and product marketing working across a variety of industries to drive B2B eCommerce and  digital commerce innovation.

Monitoring the pulse of manufacturing leaders, Tarak is able to bridge their needs with technical innovation to solve their sales and growth needs through industry-leading technical innovation, including pioneering AI applications.

With a focus on sales & marketing SaaS software, Tarak’s experience has helped companies streamline their operations in these areas as well as drive performance improvements using data AI/ML techniques. Prior to joining Aleran, Tarak held positions at or partnered with companies such as Oracle, SalesForce, and Microsoft among others.


VP of Business Development 

Robert Kelen comes to Aleran with over 20 years of digital marketing, product management, partnership development and operational experience.

Robert plays a key role driving Aleran’s growth engine and strategic partnerships, including with core platform integration and sales distribution partners.

Prior to joining Aleran, Robert held a variety of senior positions at technology companies — in manufacturing, healthcare, consulting, and software industries. Robert has a strong marketing background and technical skill set that allows him to work comfortably, and cross-functionally, in a variety of settings.

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