Selling Outside the Box for B2B Manufacturers

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Selling Outside the Box for B2B Manufacturers:  Why SMB Manufacturers Should Embrace B2B E-Commerce

With B2B buyer demand for digital shopping experiences intensifying, the manufacturing industry is shifting from its traditional reliance on intermediary-driven sales to make way for more digital self-service. If you’re a manufacturer still trying to run your sales business with legacy systems, limited automation, and no dedicated B2B e-commerce strategy, you’ll soon be outpaced in what’s quickly become a digital footrace. In this white paper, we take a closer look at the benefits SMB manufacturers gain when they include dedicated B2B e-commerce as part of their overall channel sales strategy.

You’ll learn about:

  • The changing sales landscape for SMB manufacturers
  • The B2B buyer journey
  • The benefits of adding B2B e-commerce to your channel sales strategy
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