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New Report Confirms B2B E-Commerce is Mission Critical for Manufacturers
17 June, 2021
The global pandemic has led to significant market changes for the manufacturing sector — from spending cuts, to supply chain disruptions, to the shuttering of many traditional retail establishments. In February and March 2020 the National Association of Manufacturers (NAM) reported that 35.5% of manufacturers were facing supply chain disruption, 53% anticipated changes in operations, […]
Vertical B2B Marketplaces are Soaring
02 June, 2021
By 2024, B2B online marketplaces are predicted to account for 30% of all digital B2B sales. While giants like Amazon, eBay and Alibaba often dominate the marketplace conversation, there’s a growing opportunity in B2B e-commerce for specialized marketplace players operating within niche verticals. What are vertical marketplaces? Vertical marketplaces, also known as niche marketplaces, are […]
The Amazon Dilemma for Sellers
21 April, 2021
From misusing data, to launching copycat products, to holding “monopoly power” over sellers — recent reports about Amazon are detailing the increasingly fraught relationship sellers are experiencing with the marketplace giant. Labeled “the gatekeeper of e-commerce,” with as much as 74% market share of online sales in the U.S., Amazon nevertheless appears to be generating […]
A Digital Future for Wholesale Distributors
14 April, 2021
2021 has been a turning point year for many wholesale distributors, as customer demand for streamlined digital commerce reaches new heights amidst the landscape changes driven by Covid-19 business and supply chain disruptions. As the wholesale distribution model experiences a transformational shift, distributors looking to remain ahead of the pack will need to take some […]
Big Learnings as Trade Shows Go Virtual
22 January, 2021
Touted as the most influential tech event in the world, for the last 50 years CES has been a showcase for breakthrough technologies and global innovation in every part of the tech sector. This January, in the face of a still-raging global pandemic, CES went fully digital, allowing the entire tech community to participate in […]
Customer Spotlight: Talking with Joe Hertig, President/Founder, The Street Brands
11 January, 2021
Our sales up almost 10 percent! We spoke with the president and founder of The Street Brands, Joe Hertig, about how partnering with the Aleran SaaS platform has changed his business for the better. With about 30 years of experience and 3,000 retailers, the Street Brands sales organization (which includes Gift Street and its sister […]
E-Commerce 2021: 4 Trends to Watch
10 December, 2020
When it comes to retail, 2020 was all about the seismic shift to e-commerce. The impact of Covid-19 closures and restrictions forced consumers to turn to online shopping to an unprecedented degree (essentially achieving the equivalent of 5 years of growth in 6 months). Retailers who were able to adapt to both the increased demand […]
2020: A Very Unconventional Retail Holiday Season
Alex Sayyah
06 November, 2020
ECommerce has been chipping away at the traditional brick-and-mortar holiday shopping season for years, but as Covid-19 cases surge in many cities across the US, 2020 is promising a more dramatic shift to online shopping than ever before. Rather than the customary Black Friday lines snaking around parking lots outside big box retail, expect to […]
The Future of B2B Trade Shows
Alex Sayyah
30 October, 2020
In the wake of the Covid-19 crisis, the in-person B2B trade show, wholesale showroom, and exhibition experience in 2020 has been turned on its ear. From no-travel policies to local lockdown orders, organizers facing unprecedented disruption have had to postpone events till well into 2021, many canceling outright. This is no small loss. In 2019 […]