About Us

“Sales is the lifeblood of any business. Aleran software is technology for sales reps. Built to automate the sales agency environment in minutes so you can streamline operations and grow your revenue.”


Aleran Software’s Minneapolis-based team is dedicated to helping clients sell better and smarter.
We are guided by our 4 core principles:


We do business with no strings attached.


Both our cloud-based platform and our support team are available anywhere, anytime.



Our solutions are designed to be streamlined and simple enough for anyone to use.


We continually invest in people, infrastructure and technology to maintain our leading edge.

Today, sales agencies and reps are under increasing pressure to make it easier for their customers to order the right products from them, whether in-person or online. As a result, we have made it our mission to lighten the workload of sales agencies, representatives, and manufacturers/vendors with a platform that eliminates the headaches of costly IT installations.


Our software-as-a-service business solutions offer users a flexible, intuitive, cloud-based system for managing orders, reconciling reports and resolving discrepancies — available 24/7, anytime, anywhere.


Alex Kushner

CTO & Founder
Alex is the creative force behind Aleran software. Prior to Aleran, Alex spent decades creating innovative CRM and Logistics software solutions for Fortune 500 companies. Being passionate about CRM processes and logistics technologies, Alex founded Aleran with aspiration to help small businesses by making complex and expensive technologies simple and affordable. Focusing on how to “free-up” principals and sales reps by taking the non-productive burden of managing the technology off their shoulders.

Alex Sayyah

Alex is the CEO of Aleran, the leading business management platform designed expressly to lighten the workload of rep agents, rep agencies and manufacturers.  Alex has 20+ years experience in leading eCommerce, digital innovation, and revenue teams for B2B and B2C brands ranging from startup, including one he co-founded and successfully sold, to an 8B Euro global mobility technology leader. Words Alex lives by: Push Harder. Because winning isn’t normal. To win, you must do extraordinary things.

Sarat Kakumanu

VP of Technology
Sarat currently leads the software development team at Aleran Software. In this role he is responsible for the design, development and support of Aleran’s products. Prior to coming to Aleran, Sarat led the development of a document management solution for medical record retrieval utilizing OCR and NLP technologies. In his previous roles, Sarat has also led development teams creating CRM and FFA (Field Force Automation) products.  Sarat is an alumnus of Iowa State University where he received his Masters in Electrical and Computer Engineering.

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