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B2B Marketplace Use Case

B2B Marketplace Banner


A B2B multi-vendor, single-buyer procurement marketplace brings convenience, ease-of-use and security to vendors and store managers






Business Focus/Industry:

Food Markets/ Retail

The Customer:

The Customer is a large supermarket chain operating over 1,000 retail food supermarkets across the Southern United States and acting as a distributor for all of its stores.

The Challenge:

Store managers and buyers were burdened by a laborious ordering process, which had them relying on a large number of paper catalogs in order to place orders and restock inventory from their vendors. In addition to being a generally outdated and inefficient process, managers and buyers were missing visibility into their current and pending order status and also lacked modern cybersecurity protections because of the open perimeter necessary to allow communication between numerous vendors. All in all, the Customer believed the absence of a unified marketplace was contributing to organizational inefficiencies and hurting their reorder revenues.

  • Outdated, inefficient ordering process
  • Lacked visibility into order details and status
  • Lost sales due to lack of inventory, driven by inefficiencies in the ordering process
  • Cybersecurity vulnerability because of open security perimeter that allowed communication with numerous vendors

    • No unified enforceable security architecture
    • No way to support multiple trading partners

Our replenishment ordering process wasn’t working for our buyers or our vendors.

The Solution:

The Customer engaged Aleran to create a marketplace which would enable them, as a single buyer, to gain efficiency, security and control over their ordering process by having multiple brands, manufacturers, and suppliers selling into a multi-vendor, B2B buying portal. Participating marketplace suppliers would benefit by having the opportunity to expose all of their buyers to their products, greatly expanding their reach and reducing their costs. For store buyers, the marketplace would give access to an unlimited number of supplier products in one, unified location — eliminating the need to place individual orders on different supplier websites or via traditional, paper transactions and generally streamlining the buying process for the retailer.

  • Unified and centralized the replenishment ordering process through the creation of a single-buyer, multi-vendor buying portal/ marketplace

    • Vendors sell into one, unified location, reducing costs
    • Store managers/buyers access unlimited supplier products all in one place

  • Streamlined the sales order management process allowing for greater visibility into inventory and order details, including product ordering patterns

    • Gave store managers/buyers read-only capability for the site so they can see products without logging in

  • Improved cyber-security by instituting a single, secured ordering system

    • One technology provider
    • Integrated, single sign-on
    • New vendor onboarding eliminated need for training on the new system

Aleran’s B2B marketplace solution helped us eliminate paper orders, digitizing and centralizing the replenishment ordering process.

The Result: 

Store managers and buyers began using the single centralized ordering system, virtually eliminating paper-based orders and gaining complete visibility and control over their real-time and pending orders. The marketplace also gave store buyers more independence, allowing them to place inventory replenishment orders quickly and easily, while giving HQ more insight into product ordering patterns across their many locations and stores.

  • 1,000+ stores purchasing online
  • 100% store participation
  • 32% increase in sales order volume over six month period


Stores Purchasing Online


Store Participation


Increase in Sales Order Volume Over 6 Mo.

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