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B2G Marketplace Use Case

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Integrated multi-vendor marketplace solution for premier B2G procurement platform

Multi-Vendor Marketplace

Systems Integrations

Unified Commerce

Consulting & Assessment

Custom Integration

Business Focus/Industry:

Business-to-Government Procurement

The Customer:

The Customer is a premier B2G procurement business that connects the business-to-government (B2G) market within the U.S., giving procurement officers at municipal, county, and state government agencies the tools they need to access over 100,000 qualified suppliers representing a diverse network of businesses. Using Customer’s procurement software, government agencies can quickly post their project needs and receive competitive bids from multiple qualified suppliers.

The Challenge:

The Customer knew in addition to identifying and contracting opportunities for goods and services, government agencies were seeking a unified order management solution that would allow them to conduct procurement, purchasing, payment and delivery on a single, integrated and compliant platform. While the Customer wanted to satisfy its users with a comprehensive, seamless procurement and commerce solution, they didn’t know if they had the time, resources or budget to invest in the development, infrastructure, and operations necessary to build it out in-house.

Government agencies are pushing to procure products and services as part of a single, seamless workflow that best serves their mission.

The Solution:

The Customer set out to find a partner offering a commerce solution with native marketplace capabilities to engage in a proof-of-concept launch. Aleran’s Unified Commerce Platform was identified as an ideal partner for the Customer, as Aleran’s multi-vendor marketplace solution could quickly and cost-efficiently integrate within the Customer’s existing technology suite to unify the order management and commerce experience. A two-week build for a limited proof-of-concept launch was followed by a broader launch across the Customer’s existing network of government agencies and suppliers.

  • Developed and launched a proof-of-concept trial for the Customer within 2-weeks, including:

    • Easy-to-launch online marketplace
    • Secure online payment processing
    • Intuitive supplier product catalog and inventory update mechanism

  • Integrated Aleran multi-vendor marketplace within the Customer platform, allowing them to maintain secure, single-sign-on, branded experience for its users
  • Enacted pilot launch with group of government agencies and suppliers for proposal/bid review & submission, and for product browsing & purchasing

    • Search local and regional suppliers
    • Review active proposals
    • View real-time pricing and availability
    • View order/ purchase history and supplier history
    • In-platform purchasing and payment processing
    • Review total spend (goods & services) across marketplaces

Identifying qualified suppliers, obtaining multiple bids for product requests, and completing the procurement process through to delivery and payment doesn’t have to be met with snarls and delays.

The Result: 

Aleran worked with the Customer to create a new multi-vendor marketplace and unified order management solution for its customers. By combining the Customer’s expertise and existing platform with Aleran’s multi-vendor marketplace technology, a single marketplace was created to address the needs of the Customer’s users, saving them time, reducing costs, and meeting crucial procurement compliance rules.

  • The Customer had estimated 4 months to build their own product marketplace in-house, Aleran did the same in 2 weeks, a reduction of nearly 65%
  • 4 months post-launch, the Customer has grown their network of government by over 100 and suppliers by 20%
  • Reduced product procurement process from average of 23 days to less than one day


Government Agencies



2 weeks

to Launch


Less time than in-house build


Government Agencies Added


Suppliers Added

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