Catalog Catalyst

Transform your PDF catalogs and more into shoppable eCommerce B2B and B2C sites in minutes

Whether selling B2B or B2C, catalogs remain at the heart of merchandising for most manufacturers. Catalog Catalyst™ is an easy-to-use digital sales tool that transforms your PDF catalogs, sales sheets, line cards, and more into shoppable online catalogs in minutes.

Using Aleran’s patent-pending AI-based technology, Catalog Catalyst™ saves you the precious admin hours spent manually hotspotting, connecting weblinks, to PDF catalogs, by automatically analyzing catalog files and tags associated SKUs within your product database.

The result? Old static PDF catalogs are transformed into comprehensive, interactive websites/webshops in a matter of minutes, and can be instantly shared across any device for online browsing and shopping.

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B2B & B2C Ecommerce

Upload catalogs, sales sheets, product line cards, and more to your eCommerce platform or your MarketPlace environment within Aleran’s platform and get shopping in just a few minutes. Catalog webshops come with:


Order history


Shopping cart


Order Confirmation


Suggestive Selling (automated upsell feature)


Payment and shipping options


SSL security and PCI compliance


Free hosting and platform support

Catalog Catalyst™ Configuration Portal


Transform product catalogs for one or multiple lines or brands


Upload multiple product lists.


Customize eCommerce Store


Fulfill sales orders

Automatic Product Linking


Create automatic product links


Display product info


Add items to shopping cart function built into.pdf

A.I. Hotspotting

Our patent-pending AI tool analyzes catalog files and associate items/SKUs within your product database to create an automatic match or hotspot. no more manual linking.

Expand Sales Channels

Connect your physical catalogs digitally and grow revenue by adding a link or QR code to your physical catalog.

Intuitive UX

Easily peruse catalog pages, zoom in and out on products and descriptions, and easily search the catalog for products or keywords


Converts your static PDF Catalog, line card, product sheet and more, quickly into an interactive HTML5 viewer so that it can be viewed across any device


We host, run the payment gateway, etc via our secure, high-performance cloud servers 24/7, from wherever you are working.

Work Offline

Browse and/or add items to the shopping cart even if you are working off-line, with identical functionality as if you were connected to the Internet.

See Catalog Catalyst™ in action

Experience firsthand how easy it is to transform a static PDF catalog, line card, product sheet, and more into a live point-and-click sales tool.

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