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Customer Spotlight: Talking with Joan Flowers
09 November, 2021
Customer Spotlight: Talking with Joan Flowers, Business Owner & President, Joan Hartley & Associates, Inc. We spoke with the owner and president of Joan Hartley & Associates, Inc., Joan Flowers, about some of the ways the Aleran Unified Commerce Platform has helped transform her business — from increasing productivity to growing revenues. As a 30-year […]
New Report Confirms B2B E-Commerce is Mission Critical for Manufacturers
17 June, 2021
The global pandemic has led to significant market changes for the manufacturing sector — from spending cuts, to supply chain disruptions, to the shuttering of many traditional retail establishments. In February and March 2020 the National Association of Manufacturers (NAM) reported that 35.5% of manufacturers were facing supply chain disruption, 53% anticipated changes in operations, […]
A Digital Future for Wholesale Distributors
14 April, 2021
2021 has been a turning point year for many wholesale distributors, as customer demand for streamlined digital commerce reaches new heights amidst the landscape changes driven by Covid-19 business and supply chain disruptions. As the wholesale distribution model experiences a transformational shift, distributors looking to remain ahead of the pack will need to take some […]
3 Tips for Navigating the Changing Distribution Landscape
10 February, 2021
From the impacts of digital transformation, to increasing competition, to a more demanding B2B customer, any wholesale distributor can tell you: the landscape is changing. Today, distributors face having to adjust some of their time-honored strategies to keep their businesses on a growth trajectory and avoid disruptive market forces. Here are a few tips for […]
Driving Sales Performance with Revenue Intelligence
02 February, 2021
Today, increasing commissions isn’t the only way to incentivize reps looking to improve their sales performance. Modern sales tools like revenue intelligence (RI) provide organizations with crucial insights into their people, territories and revenues — learnings that make reps more accountable and give them the kind of actionable insights they can use to strategically meet […]
Pondering Your B2B Online Store: 2B or Not 2B?
Alex Kushner
14 August, 2020
As the CTO of a company specializing in sales order management and eCommerce software, I often find myself fielding the same question over and over again: “If my B2B online store isn’t paying for itself, should I shut it down?” B2B eCommerce is Here to Stay Before I share my answer, a quick word about […]
How to Keep Your Sales Process Organized While Working Remotely
10 August, 2020
Your home office space has evolved into a beacon of productivity. Your COVID-19 adapted routine has flourished into something sustainable. You are armed with all the sales prowess and knowledge you need to make your business something spectacular. Now what? As the national sales force continues to pivot amid a global pandemic, there has never […]