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Headless, API-first Commerce & Sales Order Management Platform

Aleran Unified Commerce Platform is headless and built for maximum flexibility using an open REST-API approach, so it can work as a standalone commerce platform, or it can integrate seamlessly with your critical systems like ERP, CRM, Marketplaces, E-Commerce Platforms, and others.

Extensible and Flexible

Aleran’s headless commerce solutions orchestrate data from multiple sources with flexible integrations and customizations via our prebuilt APIs, enabling businesses to maintain a single source of truth for their data through one unified platform.

  • Time-to-Revenue

    Creating cost savings by reducing time spent on non-essential and duplicative tasks (like manually importing and exporting files) frees you up to spend more time focusing on high-priority work.

    Aligning your sales channels and improving the speed of data exchange makes you more competitive so you can deliver the kind of customer service that breeds loyalty.

  • Low-code Framework

    A low-code framework allows for faster and flexible software application builds on an extendable framework that utilizes less code.

Ready to delight your customers and kick your sales into overdrive?

CRM Integrations

Equip your sales team with the tools they need to succeed by connecting sales orders and commissions with your leads and contacts.

Marketplace Integrations

Get a 360-degree view of revenue intelligence and channel effectiveness by connecting sales orders and commissions with your online marketplaces orders.

Digital Commerce

Cater to your customers’ buying preferences by connecting sales orders and commissions with your product, pricing, and customer data from multiple channels.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why API-first commerce?

Aleran offers a full suite of powerful e-commerce APIs built on an open and serverless architecture that enables the unification of all your sales channels. Embracing an Application Programming Interface (API) framework gives you more control over your commerce solution, allows you to scale faster, and future-proofs your technology so you can stay competitive in today’s crowded sales landscape.

How do Aleran’s APIs work?

Our Integration APIs are based on REST (Representational State Transfer) architecture principles and follow standard REST practices. All our services are run through loosely coupled microservices to ensure smooth operation. By connecting with Aleran’s PUBLIC REST APIs and HEADLESS COMMERCE APIs, you can develop custom e-commerce solutions that improve operational efficiency and ensure profitability.

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