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Bring the variety of the B2B wholesale and trade show experience online.

MarketPlace is a multi-agency, multi-vendor marketplace builder that allows you to recreate the experience of an in-person tradeshow or mart online, connecting buyers and sellers and reaching new customers wherever they are shopping from.

Multi Vendor MarketPlace Platform
Multi vendermarketplace

Multi-agency or multi-vendor software

Create a MarketPlace. Manage multiple agencies, brands, or vendors with unique credentials and logins. Easily scalable.

No Technical Expertise Required

No IT headaches

Robust, secure and scalable solution that’s also simple to use right away — no tech skills or lengthy onboarding required.

Shopping Cart Functionality

Fully customizable site builder

Choose from default templates for easy modification — add or remove pages, sliders, product lists, menus, social links, shopping cart functionality and more.

Cloud Based Technology

Cloud-based technology

Access secure, high performance cloud servers 24/7, from whenever you are working or selling.

Lift your revenues

With integrated order management software and automated upsell features, MarketPlace helps you sell without limits.

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