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Create a Custom B2B Wholesale eCommerce website in minutes

Offer your customers the same products and service that you deliver in person or in the showroom.  MarketPlace is a cloud based eCommerce platform with easy set up from themes and templates to hosting and security.  Simplicity in catalog uploads, automated hotspotting, and up sell recommendations save you time and increase sales.

  • Customizable themes and styles to represent your brand
  • Complete eCommerce capabilities and security
  • Automate real-time updates on products, pricing, more
Catalog Catalyst

Catalog Catalyst

New! Instantly create a live point and click shopping experience

Catalog Catalyst makes catalogs easy to upload and associate items/SKUs to your database. No more labor intensive hotspotting, automate the process and publish immediately on your eCommerce site.

  • Create clickable, shoppable catalog uploads in minutes
  • Customers can immediately start shopping your catalog
  • Easy add-on to Marketplace

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Create a Custom Online Store in Minutes

Marketplace automates the online store creation and allows you to create a shopping experience for your customers that delivers on brand and services. Easy to set up with no technical expertise required. Now you can have another sales channel to meet your business and customers’ needs. See how easy it is.

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Quickly Turn Catalogs into Live Point and Click Online Shopping

Catalog Catalyst quickly and easily publishes catalogs to your eCommerce site. Aleran’s AI based process analyzes and automatically associates items/SKUs within your product database. Learn how to automatically activate your catalogs as online sales tools.

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Electronically Reconcile Commission Statements, Payments and Allocations

Commission eConcile save time and reduces errors on reconciliation and payment allocation. Streamline detailed reconciliation, apply rate rules, agency/rep split, make necessary adjustments at the line item level, and more. Run reports and maintain history of your activity. Learn how Commission eConcile streamlines your processes.

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Aleran Software Is Easy And Efficient


Create an eCommerce site in minutes with our easy to use website builder. Choose from existing themes, upload vendors, products, pricing and more. Connects with RepDesk where you can control payment/shipping options, and confirm orders


Choose colors, images, messaging and select which vendors to highlight on your homepage. Create custom registration forms and select which customer fields are required. Build vendor specific pages, product descriptions, and catalogs. Marketplace 3.0 lets you make a custom website easily, which focuses on your business.


Manage product, vendors, client registration and orders. Easily update products, promotions, preferred vendors, special offers. Connect with RepDesk to manage orders, clients, and shopping experience.


Easily integrates with your vendor product catalogs making product information uploads simple and easy. Additional order management through RepDesk. Also connect to social media platforms and Google Analytics.

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Aleran Software transparently automates the Sales snd Ordering process for a wide variety of B2B and B2C commerce.
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