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Aleran Software Launches New B2C E-Commerce Solution, Shopsy

April 13, 2021
Minneapolis, MN  — April 13, 2021 – Aleran Software, the SaaS omnichannel sales platform, announced today the launch of its new e-commerce solution for B2C, Shopsy.

“With the launch of Shopsy, we are giving our customers an omnichannel platform that can fully integrate their sales order management, B2B and B2C commerce, and essential business applications,” said Alex Sayyah, CEO of Aleran Software. “Shopsy users can start selling directly to their end consumers in minutes — at a fraction of the cost of other e-commerce solutions.”

Shopsy’s drag and drop configuration interface allows users to quickly and easily launch secure, branded shopping experiences without any technical expertise. Users can customize their site by choosing from a range of expertly designed templates, creating professional and personalized shopping experiences optimized to reach new customers and grow sales revenues.

In addition, Shopsy works seamlessly with Aleran’s cloud-based order management software, so users can experience the benefits of integrated order management — reviewing and processing orders and managing their sales back office in a single view and across all channels. Users can also connect Shopsy to their business-critical applications using Aleran’s library of APIs, providing automated data integration between the Aleran platform and a customer’s existing ERP, CRM, payment gateway, and shipping solutions.

“As part of Aleran’s fully integrated platform, Shopsy helps users preserve their brand integrity and enjoy total ownership of their B2C e-commerce sales channel,” Sayyah explained. “Shopsy will help our users serve more customers and grow their direct sales channel, boosting performance across their entire ecosystem.”

For more information, please visit aleran.com or contact us at: sales@aleran.com.

About Aleran

Aleran Software is an A.I.-driven, cloud-based SaaS platform that automates and streamlines sales order management and B2B and B2C e-commerce so sales agencies, manufacturers and retailers can sell remotely, scale their businesses, and increase revenues up to 50%. Aleran’s platform allows you to integrate with your business-critical systems and offers complimentary solutions to get you on the same page as your channel partners.

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