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Start selling online in minutes.

Catalogs are the heart and soul of merchandising for most manufacturers and vendors. Transform a static PDF catalog into a clickable B2B or B2C e-commerce site with Publishop.


  • It’s easy to use

    Just upload your PDF catalog and in a few minutes the Publishop Instant Configuration Portal will convert your catalog into a clickable, shoppable website with full shopping cart functionality, secure payment processing, and order fulfillment. Once a catalog has been converted in Publishop, it’s instantly shareable across any desktop, Android or iOS device for online browsing and shopping.

  • It saves you time

    Publishop’s proprietary A.I. automatically analyzes your static catalog files and creates associated product links and display info in seconds.

  • It boosts your top line

    Publishop gives you exactly the tools you need to start selling online from your existing catalogs today — no tech skills, lengthy development times, or expensive integrations required.

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Grow your revenues without stepping a foot on the sales floor.

Bring the marketplace to your customers with our patented A.I. technology and rich feature set that instantly converts static PDFs into shoppable, virtual catalogs.

Shopping Cart Functionality

Easy to use shopping interface

  • Swipe through pages
  • Zoom in and out on products and descriptions
  • Search the catalog by product or keyword

Easy to Implement

Reliable and safe hosting

  • Access our secure, high performance cloud servers anytime
  • Work and sell from anywhere, 24/7

Time saving, proprietary A.I.

  • Generate automatic product links/eSKUs
  • Analyze catalog files to create instant matches or hotspots

Instant catalog conversions

  • Upload a PDF catalog or product list
  • Click, swipe, and tap through shoppable catalog pages
  • Fulfill sales orders immediately

Cloud Based Technology

Mobile-friendly browsing and shopping

  • View, share and shop on any device ( iOS & Android)
  • Display product details
  • Add items to shopping cart

Secure Payment Gateway

  • Use Aleran’s payment gateway for safe and easy checkout
  • Process credit card payments securely with full PCI compliance
  • No wait time – start selling immediately

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