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Sales Order Management

Orders Made Easy. For Salespeople by Salespeople.

Sales Order Management & Commission Software

Automate the most essential parts of your sales order management process and grow your sales!

Work and sell from anywhere with Aleran’s powerful suite of tools. Our all-in-one platform with RepDesk saves you time and money by automating day-to-day operations and giving you actionable sales intelligence so you can manage your team, track your sales, and grow your revenues.

Powerful intelligence at your fingertips

  • Real-time order delivery and management
  • Automated commissions with clear and accurate tracking & distribution
  • Order management, tracking, and full reporting capability
  • Real business intelligence with robust reporting dashboards, vendor and product performance, customer maps, and suggestive selling

Plus Zero IT Headaches

  • 24/7 cloud-based availability with 99.99% Uptime
  • No Contracts – pay as you go with zero long-term commitments
  • Easy Uploads and Transfers
  • Dedicated Account Support
  • Easy Standalone Use or Integrate headless into your existing ERP, CRM, OMS, or Marketplaces with our REST APIs

“Our sales are up almost 10 percent with Aleran!”
Joe Hertig, President/Founder, The Street Brands


Mobile sales agency app

Take your sales order management software on the road or at the Mart.

Create and transmit sales orders online or offline using your iPad with Aleran Platform’s RepPad app, the mobile handheld version of RepDesk. Work options tailored to your Reps or Inside Sales needs so you can easily write orders from wherever you are working.

  • Submit orders in real-time or choose offline mode for syncing later
  • Digitize product catalogs on the fly and order while browsing
  • Use barcode scanner and/or keyboard entry

“Aleran makes order entry quick and easy for my Associate Reps freeing them up for more sales activity”
Reid Gustafson, NRG Associates


Create an Order on RepDesk

Commissions Tracking and Distribution

  • Automated multi-rep, multi-agency commissions tracking and processing
  • Assign rates by location, manufacturer, and agency/representative split using
    commission rules
  • Get detailed reconciliation of all statement items against written orders — no more
    tracking separate spreadsheets or reports
  • Remote access to history, commissions and reconciliation

Real-time Order Management

  • Automated product and inventory tracking
  • Multi-format order submittal
  • Invoice and communications tracking with notifications
Catalog Creation

Barcode Scanner Integration

Scan product barcodes instead of manual entry or toggle between barcode and keyboard entry.

Cloud Based Technology


Access our secure, high-performance cloud servers 24/7 with 99.99% Uptime, from wherever you are working!

Shopping Cart Functionality

E-Commerce Integration

  • Integrate with B2B E-commerce or a MarketPlace to manage your back office in a single view
  • Real-time updates on products and pricing
  • Merchant Services available with full PCI compliance
  • Hosting and platform support included with no-strings-attached subscription
Easy to Implement

ERP Integration

  • Centralize and integrate crucial business and customer data ERP, CRM, OMS..(i.e. orders, inventories, customer information, and shipping)
  • Integrate Aleran payment processing to tokenize Credit Card data to your payment gateway, leverage existing payment methods, and ensure PCI compliance
  • Choose from a range of integration options from spreadsheet import/exports to seamless API integration for real-time system connectivity
Shopping Cart Functionality

Security & Privacy

Get a secure, private cloud for each customer with absolutely no disclosures or customer data transfers to third-parties.

Multi vendermarketplace

Revenue Intelligence

  • Real-time insights on productivity, sales, and sales coverage by zip code with dashboards and reporting
  • Track sales territories in a single view with customer mapping
  • Get real-time or year-over-year performance analysis for sales, accounts, and suppliers
  • Analyze under-performing accounts and reinforce top accounts
  • Pinpoint performance strengths and weaknesses by territory
  • Identify undersold suppliers/items and reinforce top sellers
  • Upsell with Suggestive Selling
  • Provide self-assessment by a rep with leadership oversight

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How much money can RepDesk™ save you?

From using our suggestive selling feature, to automatically reconciling your commissions each
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Automate the most essential parts of the sales order management process and put valuable intelligence at your fingertips.

Faster than handwriting and remembering who ordered what, when, and for how much.

Commissions Software

Save time and reduce errors with automated commissions reconciliation and payment allocation. Perfect for simple and complex commission structures.

Faster than crunching multiple excel sheets and remembering complicated formulas

Getting Started with RepDesk™ is easy


Set up your account with RepDesk, import your customer list, curate your digital catalog, set customer-specific pricing/product assortments, assign reps and more.


Receive and modify incoming orders, set preferences, make list updates (products, pricing, customer), run reports, assign territories and allocate commissions.


Set custom fields, business rules, and selling strategies according to your needs (i.e. order minimums, customer-specific promotions, business-specific workflows).


Integrate with your ERP and other best-in-class third party solutions (i.e. email marketing, shipping, and inventory management software). Choose from a range of integration options — from spreadsheet import/exports to seamless API integration for real-time system connectivity.

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