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Revenue Intelligence

Real-time sales insights that boost your bottom line.

Aleran’s Revenue Intelligence feature uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) algorithms to give you real-time business insights and accountability. With its specialized dashboards, customers maps, and automated suggestive selling feature, Revenue Intelligence helps you invigorate your accounts with actionable insights into your people, territories and revenues.

  • Track sales territories in a single view with customer mapping
  • Get real-time or year-over-year performance analysis for sales, accounts and suppliers
  • Quickly analyze under-performing accounts and reinforce top accounts
  • Pinpoint performance strengths and weaknesses by territory
  • Identify undersold suppliers/items and reinforce top sellers
  • Provide self-assessment by rep with leadership oversight
  • Increase sales volume by 10% with suggestive selling

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Catalog Catalyst™

Transform your PDF catalogs into shoppable ecommerce B2B and B2C sites in minutes.

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Automate the most essential parts of the sales order management process and put valuable intelligence at your fingertips.

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Commissions eConciliation

Save time and reduce errors with automated commissions reconciliation and payment allocation.

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Create a branded, online shopping experience for your customers in minutes – no technical expertise required.

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