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  • How do I create an online e-commerce site using Aleran’s Marketplace software?
    Marketplace is tightly integrated with RepDesk. Once your product offerings are uploaded to RepDesk, they are readily displayed for e-commerce sales using Marketplace. We simply work with you to associate your registered website domain name with your RepDesk service. Marketplace provides simple-to-use tools within RepDesk to configure the store to your business style.
  • If my Marketplace store runs 24/7, can customers really place orders in the middle of the night?
    Yes. Customers can place orders in your Marketplace store at any time.
  • If a customer places an order in the middle of the night, is it transmitted immediately to the manufacturer?
    No. RepDesk & Marketplace are designed to insure that the sales rep is in charge of submitting orders to the manufacturer. The sales rep should review the order the next morning to ensure compliance with minimum order quantities, payment terms, shipping terms, etc. before submitting the order. This review also gives the rep an opportunity to contact the customer with Suggestive Selling items (see RepDesk FAQ #3) which may increase order size and enhance the customer-rep relationship.
  • Can customers see their past orders using Marketplace?
    Yes. Because RepDesk and Marketplace are so tightly integrated, once a customer has established an identity (log-in) in Marketplace, they are able to see their entire history with your sales organization. This facilitates repeat orders and enables them to self-serve as to their history with your business.
  • Frustrated does not even begin to describe it!! It’s my biggest show of the year, and a major storm caused cancellation of many of the inbound flights. How do I reach my customers?
    Relax. Have each rep create a (set of) Proposed Order(s) for their customers within RepDesk. Now the customer can log in to their Marketplace account to review and discuss the order(s) with rep before they are finalized and submitted. This easily gives the customer the opportunity to take advantage of show specials and other promotions within the show period. You may also wish to use this capability to send Proposed Orders to a customer in advance of a show, so that their time with you in the showroom during the show is used most efficiently. Another way customers use this capability is to launch a new manufacturer relationship with their customers outside of the show cycle.
  • Can anyone order from my Marketplace e-commerce store?
    This is totally configurable by you. You may design the site so that you simply invite existing customers to participate, or so that new qualified prospects may register and become your newest customer!

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