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Aleran Launches its new QuickBooks Integration

by aleran
17 May, 2021

Aleran is pleased to announce it has launched its newest integration capability — a QuickBooks app for Aleran’s e-commerce and order management platform. Aleran Connect for QuickBooks will integrate Aleran’s e-commerce platform with QuickBooks Online, allowing users who capture quotes and sales orders using Aleran’s e-commerce platform to automate their accounting and monthly bookkeeping in QuickBooks.

How it works
The app reliably and securely syncs sales orders, invoices, payments, products, and customers while eliminating manual data entry and easing the reconciliation process. By sharing a company’s sales data with QuickBooks Online, business achieve continuity across quote-to-cash, while also reducing total cost of ownership.

Aleran Connect will synchronize data and automatically:

  • Update your product catalog and distribute to your sales agencies, retail store customers, and your e-commerce site
  • Share orders placed on Aleran’s e-commerce site with QuickBooks Online
  • Share invoices processed using Aleran or QuickBooks
  • Share payments made using Aleran’s integrated payment processing service or through QuickBooks

“This is another great example of how Aleran is integrating business-critical systems for our clients,” explained Alex Sayyah, CEO of Aleran Software. “By creating complimentary, cost-efficient solutions we can help our clients get on the same page as their channel partners, so everyone is aligned and working toward the same goals.”

A growing library of integration solutions
Over the next several months, Aleran expects to be rolling out several more integration products as part of its Aleran Connect capability, which creates novel integration solutions to enhance Aleran’s platform capabilities. Presently, Aleran Connect also offers a robust ERP integration package and a full library of APIs to connect a range of existing business applications to the platform.

“Aleran Connect allows users to automatically share crucial sales data across systems and between channel partners,” said Sayyah. “That means no more manual data entry or exporting and importing files. This app saves you time and money, plain and simple.”

Where to download
Aleran Connect for QuickBooks will be available via download from the QuickBooks app store this spring, and will also be available for Aleran customers beginning in April.

For more information, please visit aleran.com or contact sales@aleran.com.

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