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  • My company has signed up for RepDesk, how do I install the software for other users in my organization?
    No installation is required. The Admin user simply creates additional log-ins for others in the organization and the software is immediately available to them.
  • Can users see the sales and customers of other users?
    No. Each user sees only its customers and sales orders. The Admin user, by design, is able to view the entire organization’s perrformance.
  • I’ve heard folks say that “using RepDesk will pay for itself”. How is that possible?
    RepDesk’s Suggestive Selling feature automatically keeps track of the top-selling items across your entire organization. Sales rep who use this feature yield higher-dollar orders, resulting in greater commissions, and many reps report that the increased commissions more than pay for the systems cost.
  • When I submit an order to one of my manufacturers, do I receive confirmation that they have received it, or must I follow up with them separately?
    RepDesk automatically confirms for you that the manufacturer has received the order via their chosen method, whether email, fax, or direct integration.
  • If I am the Admin user, do I have to be in the office to use the system?
    No. The Admin user, like all users, may access the system anytime and anywhere using an Internet connection.
  • Is there really no additional equipment required?
    No additional equipment is required. Some users, particularly those with showrooms, choose to use our RepPad software with a barcode scanner for high-speed order creation. This is discussed further in the RepPad section, and our sales staff can answer any further questions you may have on this option.
  • I do have a showroom, and I need to print barcode labels for all of my display items. Does RepDesk support this?
    Yes, RepDesk has very flexible barcode label printing. You can print barcodes for some or all of your items. You can even print barcode labels for items which do not have UPC codes.

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