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Using Aleran Software to Turbocharge NetSuite Commerce & Order Management

by aleran
08 November, 2021

NetSuite’s ERP system is used all over the world to manage core business functions, like accounting, inventory, CRM, human resources, payroll, order management, commerce and more. While there’s no question NetSuite helps businesses improve visibility, control and agility across essential processes, are their commerce and order management solutions flexible and robust enough to help a sales organization like yours soar?

The Aleran Unified Commerce Platform offers a way for manufacturers, distributors, resellers and sales agencies already using NetSuite’s ERP to achieve optimal flexibility and meet the demands of today’s B2B and DTC frameworks without expensive upgrades, replacements or integrations. Aleran’s platform lowers cost-to-serve, improves the user experience, and future-proofs your commerce and order management technology, so that you can expand your reach and drive customer loyalty over the long-term.

Designed and built for sales people, by sales people, when you pair Aleran with NetSuite, orders captured in Aleran will seamlessly connect to NetSuite for real-time visibility into fulfillment, invoicing, payments, and accounting.

Let’s take a closer look at how Aleran can level-up and extend NetSuite’s commerce and order management capabilities.

  1. Aleran’s easy-to-use interface makes writing orders intuitive, efficient & fast.
    If you are an organization that needs to write and submit quotes and orders with any frequency, then you know how important it is to be able to guarantee an intuitive and optimized order writing experience across devices and channels for your sales team. Aleran offers an incredible advantage to sales people who write a high volume of orders and/or who write large orders (hundreds of line items). Not only is Aleran extremely user-friendly, it requires little onboarding for your sales reps. Clean screens and a simple user interface allow for easy item look-up and efficient ordering. When you use NetSuite on its own, adding a single item to an order can take a few seconds, which for a very large order can add many hours of admin time to a busy salesperson’s administrative duties. By contrast, Aleran users experience virtually no lag when entering, reviewing, submitting and tracking orders. Aleran’s system was built for efficiency and speed and can keep up with even the fastest sales rep, alleviating a serious and burdensome administrative pain point for many NetSuite users.
  2. Aleran is better for mobile, remote and external sales teams.
    If you are a manufacturer with reps and partners selling in the field, in show rooms and at trade shows, you need to make sure you arm them with the right tools to sell securely and efficiently. Field and partner reps writing and scanning orders don’t typically need direct access to your full NetSuite ERP, which requires expensive licenses and significant training to onboard. When you give those same sales people Aleran, they never have to touch NetSuite directly. Not only can they write orders instantly from wherever they are working, they gain other selling tools to make their job easier and grow your revenues — from Aleran’s patented online product catalog software which allows users to create dynamic, shoppable online product catalogs from their static product-related PDF content, to Aleran’s Suggestive Selling feature, which provides sellers relevant product suggestions based on automated analysis of data points (i.e. recommending top sellers in related product categories). Finally, Aleran’s Unified Commerce Platform is designed to withstand the demands of high-traffic situations, like trade shows, conferences and other live events. With Aleran, peak periods of demand or multiple users are never an issue (we have a 3-year track record of 99.99% uptime and availability).
  3. Aleran allows for rapid, cost-effective integrations & implementations.
    Especially for manufacturers looking to grow their partner network and DTC customer base, having all your channel partners (i.e. B2B customers, resellers and distributors) integrated with Aleran is faster and more efficient than having them independently integrated with NetSuite. Aleran allows you to view all your sales (across all channels) in a single view, with out-of-the-box ERP integrations that seamlessly connect your e-commerce platform with operations related to fulfillment, inventory management, invoicing, payments, and accounting. This kind of integration gives you crucial visibility into your sales, automates manual processes, centralizes crucial data, ensures PCI compliance, shares data insights, and increases overall team collaboration. Additionally, Aleran offers a full suite of powerful e-commerce APIs built on an open and serverless architecture that enables the unification of all your sales channels. This cost-effective, open, REST-API approach means that when it comes to speed-to-market our implementations shorten time to revenue, taking hours or days versus weeks or months.



NetSuite + Aleran = A Winning Combination

For NetSuite customers, Aleran’s Unified Commerce platform works to extend the power of NetSuite for today’s dynamic e-commerce environments and ensure sales success across your entire partner ecosystem.

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