4 Ways to Convert Your Shopify Plus into a True Multi-channel B2B Solution

While Shopify Plus offers customers a way to sell B2B through its single, wholesale e-commerce channel, many maturing B2B orgs are finding it falls short of what they need for true B2B commerce transactions, which tend to be much more complex than (higher-valued, longer-researched, and multi-channel).

But when you add Aleran to your Shopify Plus instance, you keep your investment intact and gain the ability to expand quickly, seamlessly, and cost-efficiently onto limitless B2B sales channels.

In this eBook, we’ll look at how Shopify Plus customers can extend the power of their Shopify Plus instance by adding Aleran’s Commerce Solution to their B2B e-commerce

You’ll learn how Aleran:

  • Supports the order management & multi-channel needs of direct sales teams
  • Accommodates more complex B2B e-commerce transactions
  • Allows seamless connection to reseller and distributor partners
  • Gives you the tools you need for truly successful, multi-channel B2B commerce

About Aleran

Aleran’s unified digital commerce platform is built to meet B2B buyer expectations so manufacturers can quickly, easily and efficiently accelerate and transform sales.

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