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Solution Spotlight: Introducing eConciliation

by aleran
07 July, 2020

Solution Spotlight: Introducing eConciliation

Every busy multi-rep and/or multi-manufacturer agency knows that reconciling and allocating commission payments is a tedious and time-consuming undertaking (and in some offices could easily be a full-time job). In sales, the commission structure is typically tied to a rep’s performance. That means getting commissions done right (and right on schedule) is integral to the sales process itself, and commission incentives can literally mean the difference between retaining or losing your top performing sales representatives.

A time-intensive & costly manual process

Commission compensation plans are rarely one-size-fits-all. Reps often have a range of variables in their compensation calculus — from their rate of commission to their base salary to tiered and residual commission percentages. Dedicated admin staff are often stuck with the repetitive and time-intensive monthly burden of reconciling piles of commission statements and payments with actual sales numbers, then allocating those payments correctly within the organization. This task, known generally as reconciliation, is a crucial part of the sales business, but when performed manually it’s also unnecessarily costly — both in terms of man hours billed and the added expense of human error.

Automated, electronic commissions reconciliation and processing

Now there’s a better way to handle your commissions reconciliation. Aleran’s Commissions eConciliation solution is an automated system that quickly reconciles commissions payments from manufacturers and then accurately allocates them between your representatives, locations, and house account.

Aleran’s RepDesk software uses commission rules so you can assign rates by location, manufacturer, agency/representative split, and so on. With eConciliation, those same rules are applied to your commission statements, meaning you can reconcile, or eConcile, the entirety of your commission payments automatically. 

To eConcile a commission, just upload the manufacturer’s commission statement using the template and the eConcile feature will provide a detailed reconciliation of all statement items against written orders — no more tracking separate spreadsheets or reports. The history of all your reconciliations are maintained within the RepDesk solution and can be easily accessed remotely.

In addition to saving you time on data entry, automatic reconciliation also improves sales productivity by centralizing and streamlining your process and freeing up your administrative staff to focus on other value-added activities. It’s just another way Aleran is working to continually simplify the day-to-day operations of the sales back office, so you can focus more energy on the business of selling.

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