Tools that boost productivity and growth

The ease of use and intuitiveness has made our team much more productive. Aleran has been an important tool as our business has grown

Michael Brezicky


Insights for owners and details customers love

“Aleran provides easy tracking for Principals to see areas of growth and struggles with in our organization. Aleran is very user friendly and our customers LOVE the details that are so easily provided to them! Aleran is affordable and packed full of tools to take your business to the next level! ”

Kim Edgar

Empowers reps with real-time revenue intelligence

“Aleran has empowered J.Brandes, with real time data, allowing us to grow sales & find new customers. The Tools that Aleran provides puts power in the hands of the reps and showroom, allowing us to best serve our customers! ”

Brandi Luna
Office Manager

Reduces human error and streamlines order submissions

“As a growing food manufacturing of our biggest challenges has always been getting our reps to submit orders in a clear and organized manner to ensure order accuracy. The first time we received an order via the Aleran system, we were amazed to see how neat, organized and streamlined the order submissions were. It has been great receiving orders this way and.. ensures less errors are made. I highly recommend Aleran to any sales rep looking for new software and will be recommending it to our other sale rep groups as well!”

Julie Spaulding
Office Manager
Halladay’s Harvest Barn

Easiest commissions calculator around and stellar customer service

“My corporate consulting and sales agency and our sales team have been using Aleran for a few years. It is by far the easiest program for both set-up, use, and calculating commission that I have tried. I easily calculate price levels, discount authorizations and integration of UPC and product pictures. Most importantly, these guys have always been quick to respond to any question or problem I’ve had.”

Kathy Cannon
Cannon Sales USA Inc

Works well from anywhere — on the road or in the office

“Aleran provides the best service for the best value. It makes order entry quick and easy for my Associate Reps freeing them up for more sales activity. It is very easy to use on the road and administer from the office. The Aleran team is responsive to questions and issues. I have tried others and this is the best.”

Reid Gustafson
NRG Associates


Creates efficiencies in every aspect of your sales business

“It’s been a little over a year since we transitioned to Aleran’s Software. I can’t imagine looking back! We’ve used 3 different systems in our 30+ years and Aleran is by far the best. Aleran’s platform is easy to use and makes running all aspects of the sales business much more efficient…”

Bill Moore
William Moore Associates

No downtime from installs and updates

“RepDesk is a great tool for our sales team. No installs, easy to learn, effective and very affordable. The reps love it because there aren’t any downloads, updates, installs and it is easy to use, The bottom line is that it works.”

Dan Harris, Principal
TOLA Sales Group, LLC

Saves hours of tedious data entry

“I would not have been able to be to handle the sales this year without the Aleran software. It really has been a lifesaver, saving me many hours of tedious data entry. The iPad is especially useful for sales on the road, my customers appreciate it too. It is also invaluable for tracking my results and view history.”

RepDesk/RepPad Customer

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