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Customer Spotlight: Talking with Joe Hertig, President/Founder, The Street Brands

Our sales up almost 10 percent!

We spoke with the president and founder of The Street Brands, Joe Hertig, about how partnering with the Aleran SaaS platform has changed his business for the better. With about 30 years of experience and 3,000 retailers, the Street Brands sales organization (which includes Gift Street and its sister site Fashion Street) is dedicated to servicing and adding value for its retail partners in the gift, home, and fashion space.

Before partnering with Aleran, what was your experience with sales order management technology?
“In 1990, when the company was formed, we didn’t have any technology. We thought the fax machine was the greatest invention we’d ever seen. But two or three years into our business, we went with [a sales order management company]. It started okay, but the relationship just got worse and worse. Overall became very dissatisfied with the program generally. It was old and antiquated, non-responsive, and extremely slow to get results.”

Do you have a favorite feature since you partnered with Aleran?
“I can say the best feature (the one that’s been the most profitable for us and that my sales team is in love with) is Suggestive Selling. The first year we rolled into Suggestive Selling, our sales were up almost 10 percent!”

How else has The Street Brand benefited from using the Aleran platform?
“Our biggest benefit is labor cost. I think a lot of Aleran’s solutions have saved me a lot of time, money, and labor.”

What Aleran products are you using, and how have those products grown your business?
We’ve had to react and really build up a good online presence, and it’s been terrific. We went to MarketPlace, and I’ve been amazed about how many out-of-state retailers have signed up as far as additional profit to the company. We basically have contracts to do business in 6 states traditionally. Still, when it comes to the Internet, vendors allow that to happen. The Street Brands picked up customers from California, Texas, Massachusetts, Florida — which is all bonus business.

And, of course, creating dynamic catalogs and sales sheets with Catalog Catalyst is what drives it because you can now get a vendor catalog and have it up on your site almost instantaneously because we aren’t hot-spotting, adding individual links by hand, on every page and every SKU, freeing us to get sales faster. So, If your vendor sends you a product list with images, it’s immediately converted and on MarketPlace — just like that, FAST.

What would you say to someone who is considering partnering with Aleran?
When you see how powerful this brand is and what Aleran can do for your business, you’ll want to make the switch. The best part is, the total, complete switch over to Aleran is just about flawless and very easy to do; all of my data was kept in there.”

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