Why a SaaS Plus Headless E-Commerce Strategy Might Be Exactly What Your Business Needs

by | May 19, 2021

Choosing a new e-commerce platform for your sales business can be an overwhelming and exhausting process, leaving you to weigh everything from architecture to functionality to features and costs — all in search of the ideal fit for your business.

Headless e-commerce platforms allow for a customized front-end or presentation layer that is totally separated, or de-coupled, from the back-end data and functionality (in this case, the e-commerce engine). That means brands get the front-end of their choice and can make changes without any design or user experience constraints — all without ever having to touch the back-end. It also means headless e-commerce requires work from back-end developers (who create API calls for content delivery) and front-end developers (who work on design and presentation of that content). Headless commerce has its advantages, but it’s a time-consuming and expensive option, one that not every business can afford.

SaaS e-commerce platforms, meanwhile, offer distinct advantages over their headless cousins, especially for SMBs and SMEs who love their affordability, scalability, and the fact that you don’t need any IT support to get up and running. But SaaS e-commerce can also be a winning and strategic option for larger enterprises, especially those who may be building out a headless e-commerce solution, but who can’t afford to lose valuable go-to-market time waiting months for developers to finish their headless implementation. 


E-Commerce Adoption: Headless vs. SaaS

headless e-commerce vs Saas(Cloud) e-commerce

Why compromise?

Creating and deploying SaaS e-commerce solutions as part of your overall multi-channel sales strategy (including Headless e-commerce) can be an amazing opportunity for enterprises large and small to test their concepts, service their channel partners, and create the kinds of streamlined and intuitive customer experiences today’s B2B and B2C buyers demand.

SaaS omnichannel sales platforms like Aleran allow you to quickly and cost-effectively create online marketplaces and e-commerce sites for your customers — all without the complexity, cost and dedicated IT resources often associated with headless e-commerce builds.

Aleran’s omnichannel sales platform includes:

✔ Intuitive site builder

Select from customizable default templates for easy drag-and-drop modifications — format text, upload your own fonts and images, and add or remove pages, sliders, product lists, menus, social links and shopping cart functionality.

✔ Customer profiles

Set different pricing levels, payment terms, discounts, and shipping arrangements according to individual or group contracts.

✔ Flexible ordering

Set optional bulk/volume and minimum order quantities with discounts for amount ordered, plus one-click reordering feature and automated upsell feature.

✔ Order management Integration

Manage your back office in a single view, with real-time updates on product, inventory and pricing.

✔ No IT headaches

Get a robust, secure and scalable solution that’s also simple to use right away — no tech skills or lengthy onboarding required.


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