4 Ways to Be More Efficient

by | Jun 23, 2020

You could be a mom of 4 trying to balance 17 Zoom calls while simultaneously – and ironically – trying to keep your kids off their tablets as much as possible. Or maybe you’re the director of sales for a major manufacturer trying to keep up with the ever-changing demands involved with remotely managing your team. Then there’s the brick and mortar small business owner faced for the first time ever with the concept of selling products online amid a global pandemic.

One thing unites us all: things are changing fast, and we haven’t had time to adjust. Navigating through the last several months in light of the national crisis surrounding COVID 19 is completely unfamiliar territory to us all, and we’re still learning how to make it work.

As a result it has never been this imperative to find as many ways as possible to increase productivity and efficiency across the board. How you do that can have a residual effect on your business not only today but for years to come. Now is the time to take back control.

How you choose to do so may vary, but here are a few tricks that could help:

Establish a routine

There’s this pretty important word that separates a good morning routine from a game-changing one: intention. Ultimately, intention is the foundation of anything that will make you more efficient in the long run because it means you are taking the time to bring purpose to action.

The routine itself could consist of a combination of things, but many of the world’s leaders agree that particularly powerful components include setting the time aside for yourself to read, meditate, workout, or journal.

Obviously not all of these things are for everyone and to make it sustainable you will need to determine what works best for you – and then stick to it!

Eat the Frog First

The idea dates back to Mark Twain and is embraced by leaders of all kinds across the globe. And no, it is not a piece of literal advice.

But the idea behind it is so valuable when it comes to being more productive on a daily basis. Why? Because it encourages you to get that hard thing over with first.

Hate making cold calls? Not a fan of managing account data or tracking orders? Struggle with tracking sales and commissions? Do these things first and you’ll be in a psychologically better place to conquer everything else on your to-do list throughout the day.

Take it One Step a Time

Any of us are used to balancing more than one thing at any given time in the day. The tricky thing is it can actually make us feel more productive when we’re juggling all the things. But that’s the problem – we’re juggling.

When we multitask we’re not focusing on any single task, which makes us psychologically less likely to actually complete anything of substance.

We are far more productive humans when we focus on one task, complete it, and move on to the next.

Use the Right Tools

Particularly in the COVID 19 world of Zoom calls and Slack channels, the tools we use to be more efficient have become invaluable. It’s become even more clear just how many topics could have been solved in an email, and that in itself is a gift.

When it comes to managing business it’s imperative that you spend time on what’s important: orders, teams, and relationships.

Sales order and commission management tools like RepDesk simplifies the selling process by putting cloud-based software to work capturing data, and putting tracking and reporting at your fingertips from anywhere, anytime.

Its sister product, RepPad allows you to easily and accurately create and transmit sales order from anywhere using your IPad.

Acquire more customers with an eCommerce web site from Marketplace, a complete eCommerce solution you can get up and running in minutes.

Aleran offers these and several other tools with your time and efficiency in mind. We know it’s not easy for that mom of four or the sales director or the brick and mortar business owner who’s had their world turned upside down.

We are here to help you get control over your time and get back to doing what you do best.

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