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7 Must-have Features of an Effective Sales Order Management Software Platform
16 July, 2021
What makes an effective sales order management platform? As consumers increasingly embrace omnichannel commerce experiences, the need for an effective sales order management software platform to help manage orders, accounts, and reps will be a critical piece of creating consistent and effective customer experiences across all buying channels. Today’s B2B and B2C buyers are demanding […]
Omnichannel Commerce 101: What It Is and Why You Need It
01 July, 2021
With 2020 yielding the highest digital commerce growth in the last twenty years there’s no arguing that online shopping has become an integral part of modern life. New and emerging technologies continue to transform the sales landscape and consumer behaviors are adapting accordingly. From personalization to self-service, consumers expect intuitive and consistent shopping experiences wherever […]
Sales Order Management Software 101: What It Is and Why You Need it
17 June, 2021
Are you still trying to manage sales orders manually, using an Excel document or even a pad of paper? Or maybe you’re using sales order management software, but find too often you are missing the features and capabilities you really need. As companies increasingly see the value in process automation and revenue intelligence, sales order […]
A Digital Future for Wholesale Distributors
14 April, 2021
2021 has been a turning point year for many wholesale distributors, as customer demand for streamlined digital commerce reaches new heights amidst the landscape changes driven by Covid-19 business and supply chain disruptions. As the wholesale distribution model experiences a transformational shift, distributors looking to remain ahead of the pack will need to take some […]
4 Technology Trends to Watch for SMBs
05 April, 2021
4 Technology Trends to Watch for SMBs Innovation is not just for the S&P 500. To stay competitive in 2021’s evolving global economy, SMBs must be willing to access and adopt new technologies, including tools, platforms, marketplaces and services. And for the SMBs who embrace these new technologies and the digitalization of their business processes, […]
Customer Spotlight: Talking with Joe Hertig, President/Founder, The Street Brands
11 January, 2021
Our sales up almost 10 percent! We spoke with the president and founder of The Street Brands, Joe Hertig, about how partnering with the Aleran SaaS platform has changed his business for the better. With about 30 years of experience and 3,000 retailers, the Street Brands sales organization (which includes Gift Street and its sister […]
4 Ways Sales Tools Can Help You Crush Your Goals in 2020
09 September, 2020
It all comes down to the numbers. Whether you’ve just begun your career as a sales rep or you’ve worked your way up the corporate ladder, it’s a simple thing about the sales industry everyone knows all too well. What’s interesting is that numbers don’t happen without one crucial thing: relationships. A recent survey found […]
Solution Spotlight: Introducing eConciliation
07 July, 2020
Solution Spotlight: Introducing eConciliation Every busy multi-rep and/or multi-manufacturer agency knows that reconciling and allocating commission payments is a tedious and time-consuming undertaking (and in some offices could easily be a full-time job). In sales, the commission structure is typically tied to a rep’s performance. That means getting commissions done right (and right on schedule) […]
Six Simple Steps To Developing a Long-Term Sales Mindset
07 July, 2020
There are times when the goal seems so far that to attempt to see to the end of it. You’re not even in the tunnel yet.  There are times when you make all the progress and exceed your expectations only to falter over a mistake along the way. There are times when you have zero […]
Sales Representatives – Create a Successful Work From Home Strategy
07 July, 2020
Until recently, the work from home realm was perceived as something reserved primarily for MLMs or startups. It seemed pretty appealing, albeit a bit mysterious, this work at home life lived by about 7 percent of workers.  That has all changed amid the season of COVID-19 as the workforce has been walloped with needing to […]