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How to Keep Your Sales Process Organized While Working Remotely

10 August, 2020


Your home office space has evolved into a beacon of productivity. Your COVID-19 adapted routine has flourished into something sustainable. You are armed with all the sales prowess and knowledge you need to make your business something spectacular.

Now what?

As the national sales force continues to pivot amid a global pandemic, there has never been a better time to follow this little principle so many of us have heard before: keep it simple. Finding new ways to simplify the way you market, manage, and sell your products is the next piece of the puzzle you need to thrive in an uncertain financial climate.

The best way to find what works for you is to start by identifying your priorities, and then using them to point in the direction of the most efficient tool, or suite of tools, for your business.

If you are a B2B wholesaler with your traditional business or looking at going direct to consumers, an upgrade to a sales, commission, and showroom management software is that next step.

What to look for in an order management software?

Not all programs are created equal, so there are a handful of things to watch for when you’re trying to decide which software will help your business grow. Developing cohesive systems that integrate well with each other will help keep you on track during a harder than normal to navigate time.

The system you choose should automate the most essential parts of the sale order and commission management processes and put valuable tracking and reporting features at your fingertips. An example of this could include being able to upload a product SKU once and then continue using it for sales orders and sales tracking.

These insights are invaluable not only to you as a sales leader, but also to your team, as a means of creating suggestive selling options based on previous sales activity.

Create a user-friendly environment for all

Not only does the right order entry and showroom management software make things easier and more efficient for your business, but it improves your customer experience as well.

Put the insights from tracking to work for both parties by creating an eCommerce site for your customers that allows them to browse products and shop from a clickable catalogue.

Your custom eCommerce web site should be easy to set up, capable of automating with real-time updates on products and pricing, and offer complete eCommerce capabilities and solutions to your customers.

Save time while working from anywhere

Right now it’s most likely your home office, but a cloud-based solution that allows you to work from anywhere, anytime, is a magnificent option that will save you time and money.

At Aleran that is exactly what we aim to do: we are dedicated to helping clients sell better and smarter at a time when we know sales agencies and reps are under more pressure than ever.

We have made it our mission to lighten the workload of sales agencies, representatives, and manufacturers/vendors with a platform that not only eliminates the headaches of costly IT installations, but also answers that “now what” question with confidence and certainty.

Our software-as-a-service business solutions offer users a flexible, intuitive, cloud-based system for managing orders, reconciling reports, and resolving discrepancies.

Once you get started with products like RepDesk (our sales, commission and showroom management software), Marketplace (our easy to use eCommerce web site software), and Catalog Catalyst (our innovative point and click online shopping experience), selling is simple for you and your team.

Best of all, it’s available 24/7 from anywhere.

Including that beacon of productivity now known as your home office.

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