CEO Chat – Talking to Alex Sayyah
18 February, 2021
We checked in with Aleran CEO, Alex Sayyah, to hear a bit about his approach to management, what he sees as Aleran’s competitive edge, and how he’s been balancing work and home life over the last year. What do you think differentiates Aleran in the B2B and B2C SaaS space? “Since the beginning we’ve been […]
If You Don’t Address Poor Management, You WILL Lose Great Talent. Just ask Formula One.
Alex Sayyah
23 September, 2020
I am a long time Ferrari and Formula One fan. And as a fan, I recently read an article that left me pretty disappointed in the management of a team I love. Big picture, it also got me thinking about the way we work, and how complacency and failing to fix poor management can not […]