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5 Reasons B2B Businesses Need Shoppable Online Product Catalogs
10 August, 2021
B2B catalogs are at the heart of merchandising for most B2B sellers, particularly in manufacturing. Many hours are invested creating these visual indexes of a company’s product offering. But in today’s digital buying and selling landscape far too many B2B catalogs remain static PDF documents or even hard copies, not at all optimized for today’s […]
Shoppable Online Catalogs: A Remote Sales Tool that Supports SMBs
11 December, 2020
The 2020 holiday season has thrown a curveball at the way many small businesses buy and sell. But while the shift to e-commerce this year has been remarkably swift for consumers, some manufacturers, vendors, resellers, reps and rep agencies are still struggling to adapt to today’s largely remote sales landscape. For many SMBs, the shoppable […]
E-Commerce 2021: 4 Trends to Watch
10 December, 2020
When it comes to retail, 2020 was all about the seismic shift to e-commerce. The impact of Covid-19 closures and restrictions forced consumers to turn to online shopping to an unprecedented degree (essentially achieving the equivalent of 5 years of growth in 6 months). Retailers who were able to adapt to both the increased demand […]
Introducing Publishop: Turn PDF Catalogs into Shoppable eCommerce Sites
10 November, 2020
This week, Aleran adds another game-changing product to our ecosystem: Publishop. Publishop allows you to upload a static PDF catalog or product list and transform it into a shoppable eCommerce site — in minutes. Publishop is a fast and affordable way for manufacturers, vendors, sales representatives and resellers to create a secure and effective digital […]