eCommerce for Vendors: Understand (and Secure) Your Immediate Sales Solution

by aleran
17 July, 2020

There’s really no other way to say it: time is money. Times have obviously changed quite a bit since Thomas Jefferson and Charles Dickens are accredited for pointing out this simple truth.

Yet most business professionals would argue that it’s never been more true. Technology has enabled the workforce to work anywhere, anytime, and most people who utilize it on a regular basis would say there are pros and cons to that. Demands on our time are at an all-time high and work-life balance is an ongoing struggle to achieve.

The good news is that you can take control of the situation by understanding and securing your immediate sales and marketing situation fast with a wholesale ecommerce site.

Why do you need eCommerce software?

Simply put, eCommerce software is a tool businesses use to sell their products online from a web site. And while it may not be the traditional method of manufacturer’s and vendor’s businesses, now is the time to integrate eCommerce into your wholesale business model.

Research shows that 80 percent of the internet population has made a purchase online. Projections from eMarketer suggest that eCommerce sales will increase to 16% of all sales in 2020, which equates to $3.914 trillion in eCommerce sales.

While the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic on eCommerce have varied by industry, online shopping remained a steady source of revenue amid uncertain times. Simply put you want to make your products available to your sales representative agencies, and maybe direct to the consumer, and ecommerce is the way to get you there.

What key features should you look for in an eCommerce site?

The goal of an eCommerce program is to make setup easy for you, and shopping even easier for your customers. To achieve that, look for these four key features:

Website builder: Choose a design template to create a custom website in minutes with no design or technical skills required.
Theme editor: Explore a selection of custom themes and pick the images, colors and messaging that work for your store.
Customized display: Showcase select vendors and featured products from the homepage and customize products, product descriptions and pricing according to the vendor.
Catalog Catalyst: Convert a pdf catalog automatically into a digital shopping catalog that hooks directly to shopping carts, with no hotspotting needed.
Real-time functionality: Designed with both B2B and B2C companies in mind, capabilities should include shopping cart functionality, order history, suggested items, payment card and shipping options, order confirmation, free hosting and platform support, and SSL security and PCI compliance.

What is the best eCommerce software?

Not all systems are created equal – they can be costly and time-consuming to set up if you don’t find the right tools for your needs.

Fortunately there are easy-to-use tools like those offered at Aleran to help you get your time back to invest where it matters. MarketPlace enables you to sell more and sell from anywhere by utilizing an eCommerce platform designed for manufacturers and their representatives.

Create custom, professional online stores with shoppable digital catalogs in minutes using this robust, secure, scalable solution. Like all of Aleran’s products, MarketPlace makes selling simple by integrating interactive product catalogs and suggestive shopping experiences for your customers.

Your time is now to channel your inner Charles Dickens by taking back your most valuable asset – and we are here to help.

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