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How to Manage the Growing Need of Wholesale PPE Sales

15 June, 2020


A mere six months ago, words like hazardous and infectious were not commonplace. People were flying on planes without a second thought, masks were not yet considered a part of our everyday wardrobes, and there were only a handful of brands of hand sanitizer. You could even find toilet paper in stores easily.

There’s no question that times have changed, forcing businesses to pivot and adjust in unexpected, unpredictable, and unprecedented ways. Were you ready? More importantly, are you ready now?

These days being ready is akin to being prepared, making one industry in particular even more valuable than normal: personal protective equipment, known more commonly as PPE.

What is personal protective equipment?

According to research released in July 2020, the PPE market is booming. In addition to anticipated growth from $5.99 billion in 2019 to $7.83 billion in 2020, the market is expected to compound with an annual growth rate of more than 30 percent.

Defined by the United States Department of Labor, PPE is “equipment worn to minimize exposure to hazards that cause serious workplace injuries and illnesses…(which) may result from contact with chemical, radiological, physical, electrical, mechanical, or other workplace hazards.”

It’s not lost on anyone the notable spike in demand for PPE is happening amid a global pandemic. The COVID-19 outbreak prompted businesses to change almost everything about how they run practically overnight, including the PPE industry itself.

Personal protective equipment wholesalers and suppliers are overwhelmed

Small to medium businesses and wholesalers alike have been impacted by the continuously increasing demand for PPE in workplaces across the country.

And, quite honestly, as supplies ebb and flow in big box stores, and even on Amazon, it’s never been more important for these businesses and wholesalers to find efficient means to deliver these incredibly necessary contributions to society.

Any one of us who has hunted through major retailers in recent months searching high and low for everyday basics from standard household cleaners to paper towels knows what it’s like to come up dry.

A better channel to sell personal protective equipment

Those who are selling PPE can change all this AND save time and money by creating an effective, easy-to-use wholesale or B2B eCommerce website up and running in minutes. How?

Our entire suite of products at Aleran offer efficient, simple ways to run your business in a Cloud-based world. In addition to our sales order and commission management software, which can be accessed by sales reps at any time, anywhere, what you need to get your PPE business up and running fast is Marketplace.

Create a custom vendor or wholesale eCommerce website in minutes with our software, allowing you to acquire more customers with minimal setup and no technical expertise required.
Marketplace includes customizable templates and styling, as well as hosting, platform support, security, and real-time updates on products and pricing. You can even upload clickable product catalogues that are easy to manage and even easier for your customers to navigate.

Then use RepDesk to manage and track orders, run reports and more. It’s a selling platform that is easy to implement, increases sales and saves vendors time and money.

Words like hazardous and infections are now commonplace for most of us. But business tools and processes are moving forward at lightning speed. Aleran makes it easy to upgrade your business tools with a complete platform for wholesale sales and order management, that allows complete remote flexibility without any long term contracts.

In a time when service and delivery are key, Aleran has the right tool to support your business needs.

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