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Streamline the B2B Buying Journey with OneMart

by aleran
22 February, 2021

Make no mistake: today’s B2B buyers want all of their online shopping experiences to reflect the convenience and ease of a B2C transaction even when buying B2B. With customer experience a top priority for B2B decision makers, a recent McKinsey survey revealed that their three most common pet peeves included: a cumbersome ordering process (36%), difficulty finding the right product (34%), and technical glitches associated with placing orders online (33%). Additionally, respondents named confusing websites, difficulty with payment processing, and lack of transparency around issues like delivery and tech support to also be problematic. But while B2C e-commerce is highly influencing customer expectations for online shopping in general, the buying journeys for B2B and B2C customers remain quite different.


The Buying Journey: B2B vs. B2C


We know the ease and streamlined customer experience that B2C affords its users needs to be reflected in B2B e-commerce (self-service is especially key), but because of B2B’s non-linear buying journey, giving customers a satisfying user experience means effectively addressing the more complex ordering process and pricing structures that B2B transactions require.

From high-volume, wholesale ordering, to customized and discounted pricing levels, B2B e-commerce needs to be more flexible, more scalable, and more personalized than its B2C counterpart — plain and simple.


A Smart, Affordable and Streamlined Solution: OneMart

OneMart, Aleran’s SaaS B2B e-commerce solution, offers the kind of smart, tailored and streamlined customer experience that addresses the B2B buying journey and specialized needs of today’s savvy and demanding B2B decision makers.

Sales agencies and reps can use OneMart to quickly build a B2B e-commerce solution that leverages the information already in their sales order management platform, RepDesk, with no additional technical skills or experience required.

Manufacturers can also quickly showcase and sell their products direct without spending a ton of cash or time on complicated builds — even turning their static PDF catalogs into shoppable websites almost instantly.

OneMart’s customizable templates and intuitive sitebuilder make it possible to build a rich and feature-rich B2B while automating sales order management for B2B and wholesale customers.

B2B buyers will be able to view product information and updates, check pricing levels, and access their order history making new orders or reorder fast and simple. OneMart also helps sellers expand their customer base, as new customers find their e-commerce site and can browse brands and register as a new customer to get shopping.

OneMart helps sellers build credibility, upsell and cross-sell products, market to new accounts and grow existing ones. Want more information on how OneMart can lift your sales revenues and improve customer experience? Book your free OneMart demo today.

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