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How to Launch a Successful B2B eCommerce Fast
20 July, 2020
In the midst of the sales realm being completely turned on its head during COVID-19, digital sales and eCommerce have never been more important to the health and success of the manufacturers’ and vendors’ businesses. However, in this fast-paced world of business when time is money and every minute matters, some will struggle with creating […]
eCommerce for Vendors: Understand (and Secure) Your Immediate Sales Solution
17 July, 2020
There’s really no other way to say it: time is money. Times have obviously changed quite a bit since Thomas Jefferson and Charles Dickens are accredited for pointing out this simple truth. Yet most business professionals would argue that it’s never been more true. Technology has enabled the workforce to work anywhere, anytime, and most […]
Say Goodbye to Sales Breakage: Introducing Catalog Catalyst
25 June, 2020
Whether selling B2B or B2C, catalogs remain at the heart of merchandising for most manufacturers. From product photography to design, editorial, and hotspotting – a significant amount of man hours are spent creating this visual representation of a company’s brand and product offering. Moving this valuable tool to digital, though imperative in today’s sales environment, […]
How Manufacturers Can Adapt to the COVID-19 Sales Landscape
23 June, 2020
The COVID-19 pandemic has turned today’s sales landscape upside-down. The traditional model for B2B and B2C sales has always been in-person business, business of contact and contacts. The pandemic has sped an already-rapidly approaching transformation in the sales industry, asking modern questions of traditional methods. Answering these questions will be key to surviving the pandemic […]
4 Ways to Be More Efficient
23 June, 2020
You could be a mom of 4 trying to balance 17 Zoom calls while simultaneously - and ironically - trying to keep your kids off their tablets as much as possible. Or maybe you’re the director of sales for a major manufacturer trying to keep up with the ever-changing demands involved with remotely managing your team. Then there’s the brick and mortar small business owner faced for the first time ever with the concept of selling products online amid a global pandemic.
Navigating A Way Forward for Sales Agencies and Representatives
22 June, 2020
The coronavirus pandemic has upended the way we live our lives, from minor inconveniences of not being able to see friends to major obstacles to businesses’ abilities to function. This has resulted in devastating impacts on the global supply chain and the service, tourism, retail, and manufacturing sectors. While sales agencies and sales representatives have […]
How to Manage the Growing Need of Wholesale PPE Sales
15 June, 2020
A mere six months ago, words like hazardous and infectious were not commonplace. People were flying on planes without a second thought, masks were not yet considered a part of our everyday wardrobes, and there were only a handful of brands of hand sanitizer. You could even find toilet paper in stores easily. There’s no […]