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Customer Spotlight: Talking with Joan Flowers
09 November, 2021
Customer Spotlight: Talking with Joan Flowers, Business Owner & President, Joan Hartley & Associates, Inc. We spoke with the owner and president of Joan Hartley & Associates, Inc., Joan Flowers, about some of the ways the Aleran Unified Commerce Platform has helped transform her business — from increasing productivity to growing revenues. As a 30-year […]
Using Aleran Software to Turbocharge NetSuite Commerce & Order Management
08 November, 2021
NetSuite’s ERP system is used all over the world to manage core business functions, like accounting, inventory, CRM, human resources, payroll, order management, commerce and more. While there’s no question NetSuite helps businesses improve visibility, control and agility across essential processes, are their commerce and order management solutions flexible and robust enough to help a […]
What Manufacturers Should Know About Navigating the COVID-19 Sales Landscape in 2021
24 September, 2021
Many small and medium-sized manufacturers were underprepared for the changes they faced since the coronavirus pandemic upended the way we live our lives and conduct our business, with long lasting impacts to the global supply chain, service, tourism, retail and manufacturing sectors. As physical locations shuttered in the face of stay-at-home orders, businesses found novel […]
5 Reasons B2B Businesses Need Shoppable Online Product Catalogs
10 August, 2021
B2B catalogs are at the heart of merchandising for most B2B sellers, particularly in manufacturing. Many hours are invested creating these visual indexes of a company’s product offering. But in today’s digital buying and selling landscape far too many B2B catalogs remain static PDF documents or even hard copies, not at all optimized for today’s […]
7 Must-have Features of an Effective Sales Order Management Software Platform
16 July, 2021
What makes an effective sales order management platform? As consumers increasingly embrace omnichannel commerce experiences, the need for an effective sales order management software platform to help manage orders, accounts, and reps will be a critical piece of creating consistent and effective customer experiences across all buying channels. Today’s B2B and B2C buyers are demanding […]
Omnichannel Commerce 101: What It Is and Why You Need It
01 July, 2021
With 2020 yielding the highest digital commerce growth in the last twenty years there’s no arguing that online shopping has become an integral part of modern life. New and emerging technologies continue to transform the sales landscape and consumer behaviors are adapting accordingly. From personalization to self-service, consumers expect intuitive and consistent shopping experiences wherever […]
Sales Order Management Software 101: What It Is and Why You Need it
17 June, 2021
Are you still trying to manage sales orders manually, using an Excel document or even a pad of paper? Or maybe you’re using sales order management software, but find too often you are missing the features and capabilities you really need. As companies increasingly see the value in process automation and revenue intelligence, sales order […]
New Report Confirms B2B E-Commerce is Mission Critical for Manufacturers
17 June, 2021
The global pandemic has led to significant market changes for the manufacturing sector — from spending cuts, to supply chain disruptions, to the shuttering of many traditional retail establishments. In February and March 2020 the National Association of Manufacturers (NAM) reported that 35.5% of manufacturers were facing supply chain disruption, 53% anticipated changes in operations, […]
Are You Making These 5 Common E-Commerce Mistakes?
02 June, 2021
As any consumer can tell you, not all online stores are created equal. In today’s hypercompetitive digital commerce landscape, potential customers expect frictionless, self-service shopping experiences that feel intuitive and professional. B2B e-commerce shops that are complicated, outdated or confusing will send potential customers to spend their money elsewhere. Here are 5 common e-commerce mistakes […]
Vertical B2B Marketplaces are Soaring
02 June, 2021
By 2024, B2B online marketplaces are predicted to account for 30% of all digital B2B sales. While giants like Amazon, eBay and Alibaba often dominate the marketplace conversation, there’s a growing opportunity in B2B e-commerce for specialized marketplace players operating within niche verticals. What are vertical marketplaces? Vertical marketplaces, also known as niche marketplaces, are […]

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