4 Ways Sales Tools Can Help You Crush Your Goals in 2020
09 September, 2020
It all comes down to the numbers. Whether you’ve just begun your career as a sales rep or you’ve worked your way up the corporate ladder, it’s a simple thing about the sales industry everyone knows all too well. What’s interesting is that numbers don’t happen without one crucial thing: relationships. A recent survey found […]
Pondering Your B2B Online Store: 2B or Not 2B?
Alex Kushner
14 August, 2020
As the CTO of a company specializing in sales order management and eCommerce software, I often find myself fielding the same question over and over again: “If my B2B online store isn’t paying for itself, should I shut it down?” B2B eCommerce is Here to Stay Before I share my answer, a quick word about […]
How to Keep Your Sales Process Organized While Working Remotely
10 August, 2020
Your home office space has evolved into a beacon of productivity. Your COVID-19 adapted routine has flourished into something sustainable. You are armed with all the sales prowess and knowledge you need to make your business something spectacular. Now what? As the national sales force continues to pivot amid a global pandemic, there has never […]
How to Launch a Successful B2B eCommerce Fast
20 July, 2020
In the midst of the sales realm being completely turned on its head during COVID-19, digital sales and eCommerce have never been more important to the health and success of the manufacturers’ and vendors’ businesses. However, in this fast-paced world of business when time is money and every minute matters, some will struggle with creating […]
eCommerce for Vendors: Understand (and Secure) Your Immediate Sales Solution
17 July, 2020
There’s really no other way to say it: time is money. Times have obviously changed quite a bit since Thomas Jefferson and Charles Dickens are accredited for pointing out this simple truth. Yet most business professionals would argue that it’s never been more true. Technology has enabled the workforce to work anywhere, anytime, and most […]
Solution Spotlight: Introducing eConciliation
07 July, 2020
Solution Spotlight: Introducing eConciliation Every busy multi-rep and/or multi-manufacturer agency knows that reconciling and allocating commission payments is a tedious and time-consuming undertaking (and in some offices could easily be a full-time job). In sales, the commission structure is typically tied to a rep’s performance. That means getting commissions done right (and right on schedule) […]
Six Simple Steps To Developing a Long-Term Sales Mindset
07 July, 2020
There are times when the goal seems so far that to attempt to see to the end of it. You’re not even in the tunnel yet.  There are times when you make all the progress and exceed your expectations only to falter over a mistake along the way. There are times when you have zero […]
Sales Representatives – Create a Successful Work From Home Strategy
07 July, 2020
Until recently, the work from home realm was perceived as something reserved primarily for MLMs or startups. It seemed pretty appealing, albeit a bit mysterious, this work at home life lived by about 7 percent of workers.  That has all changed amid the season of COVID-19 as the workforce has been walloped with needing to […]
Say Goodbye to Sales Breakage: Introducing Catalog Catalyst
25 June, 2020
Whether selling B2B or B2C, catalogs remain at the heart of merchandising for most manufacturers. From product photography to design, editorial, and hotspotting – a significant amount of man hours are spent creating this visual representation of a company’s brand and product offering. Moving this valuable tool to digital, though imperative in today’s sales environment, […]

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